One thing I think most reasonable human beings can’t stand is when some jackass gets on the bus with his cell phone and starts playing his music over the tinny little speaker. It’s annoying, it’s invasive, and inevitably his taste in music sucks (at least listen to some Mos Def, suburban white kid who thinks he’s “street”).

Fortunately, Grace Digital, not wanting people in the country to feel left out of the douche parade, have a fifty dollar solution: a waterproof case with a speaker on it.

You shouldn’t have. No, really, what the hell, guys?

I would get a waterproof case, because for hikers, kayakers, and very clumsy people who keep dropping it into puddles and sewers, it makes sense. But why does it have a speaker?

And a tiny speaker, no less? Who goes out into the woods or on the river blasting their music over a tiny little speaker that mostly serves to announce the presence of somebody who just can’t bear to be listening to music and for you not to know that they are listening to music?

This is why, where I grew up, they handed out buttons that said “Why is it called tourist season if we can’t shoot them?” Just something to think about.