The audio problem discord screen share is a constant interruption for online gamers. If you are also the ones struggling with the same problem then you have come to the right place. Let us know how to fix no audio problems discord screen share within a few minutes. But prior to this, we will learn about discord screen share audio issue occurrence.

What causes the audio discord issue?

The screen share audio issue is caused by the discord which is not loading on the system, discord screen shares not loading, faulty audio drivers, issues in the audio feature, the process of stream incompatibility, anti-virus concerns, etc. The problem is extremely tiring and it can even lead to frustration. It is also found that in few cases discord audio share is detected problematic when there are faulty audio drivers. For a large number of mainstream gamers screen share audio discord is a common trend but the no audio error bug it all. There are valid reasons behind discord no sharing audio error and they are as follows-

  • Audio feature problem- In the initial state, discord screen share no audio issue tends to be faulty and if you are the one using an older version of discord then it will definitely increase the errors.
  • Faulty audio drivers- If you have faulty audio drivers on your system then it can generate the issue.
  • Administrative entry- As discord utilizes full screen in order to display it essentially requires the administrative access on the system. By providing administrative entry you can fix the no sound discord streaming issue.
  • Inappropriate applications- There are a number of software that cannot align themselves with the algorithms of discord. You have to activate a search for alternative software in order to get rid of the issue.
  • Discord voice no route error- No audio sound error can also occur if there is no specific route for the platform to transfer voice. For this situation, you have to modify voice settings to fix the issue.
  • Stream incompatibility- If you frequently stream videos then discord is not a suitable option. If you will try to stream the videos from this then you might have to deal with few errors like no audio failure error for the game not working error. For this situation, you can use alternative platforms in order to fix streaming without any error.
  • Antivirus problem- Antivirus can indicate serious troubles in all the discord files and if the user tries to use it by logging in Chrome then no audio screen share will be visible on Chrome. For this situation, you can disable the antivirus in order to fix the issue.
  • Playing audio files for sharing sound on discord is a fantastic feature of discord application. In spite of video-sharing people can actually share audio files as well on discord. The setting can be enabled easily on your system.

How to fix no audio discord screen share issue?

The latest functions of discord applications are screen and audio share but it also has potential bugs. The box also results in the application to not pick up voice audio segments frequently. Following the below-mentioned steps, you can fix the issue-

1. Try to restart your computer

Restarting your system is an unbeatable method to fix the no audio issue. However, sometimes quick reboot does not work all the time and some programs which are running in the background can cause the issue. Soon after you restart the system it is advised to launch the application in order to check if the issue still exists or not.

2. Update the application-

It is important to keep updating the application in order to eliminate no audio screen share issue. The steps through which we can update application are-

  • Open the run dialogue by pressing Windows+ R
  • Now type % localappdata% and click enter
  • Double click discord and double click on update.exe
  • wait for the process to be completed and relaunch the application

3. Provide administrative access

Until the audio and screen feature, the discord application worked smoothly. The addition of the feature requires too many resources that generate various errors. You can grant administrative access to the application by-

  • By pressing Windows + E Launch file explorer
  • Navigate through the installation location of discord application
  • Right-click on discord.exe application
  • Run as administrator
  • Click ok to save the settings

4. Try to avoid whole windows screen

If you are playing games on the full screen then it can also result in audio errors as it conflicts the discord permissions hence you have to avoid full-screen mode.

5. Analyze DISCORD activity

You can also add the discord activity because it can easily detect which activity you are recently performing on the application and instantly acts upon it. Through the steps, you can add discord activity-

  • Open the discord settings
  • Open the options by selecting the left navigation bar
  • Click on games and move to the game activity tab
  • Now add activity
  • In front of the overlay tab, you can turn on the toggle button

6. Update the audio drivers

In order to eliminate the cause, you have to keep your audio drivers up to date and follow the below-mentioned steps-

  • Open run dialogue box by pressing Windows + R
  • Type devmgmt.msc and enter
  • expand the inputs and outputs category by right-clicking on sound and hardware
  • now you have to select updating your driver and restart your system

7. Reset the discord voice settings

Until you reset the voice settings on the application you won’t be able to eliminate the cause completely. For this, you can consider the below-mentioned steps-

  • Open the settings on discord
  • On the right corner click on the settings icon
  • Search for voice and video
  • Now select reset voice settings (to reset the voice settings by default)
  • In order to confirm click ok

This step will make sure to fix the no audio screen share issue.

What else can you try?

Other than significant fixes mentioned above you can also try other steps.

Reinstall discord

If any of the steps mentioned above fails then you can consider installing the application for this you have to follow-

  • Press Windows + r
  • Now type appwiz.cpl in the dialogue box and hit enter
  • In the application manager, you have to search for the entry of application
  • Right-click and select on uninstall
  • Restart your system
  • go to the official site, download and install the application

Push to talk

Whenever there is any audio activity, the discord application automatically detects it and transmits it to the internet. When it doesn’t happen then you can try to utilize the push-to-talk feature of the application.

  • Look the username in the bottom left and tap on the settings icon
  • Scroll down and select voice and video
  • Click the next box enable Push to talk feature


No audio discord screen share issue can be fixed within a few minutes. However, there are few troublesome segments regarding the issue and non-streaming of the audio that triggers the cause. You have to follow all the steps very carefully in order to resolve no audio and screen share discord issue. These features have revolutionized the application but it has also added bugs to it.