Soundshelf: Shelf Speakers Turn Speaker Shelves

12 Feb 2009 2009-02-12 2102
Posted by Carl Weiss


Usually CDs and DVDs don’t mix with your speakers until you hit play. An interesting new home audio design concept out of Poland could change all that. Designers Witek Stefaniak and Anielka Zdanowicz crafted the Soundshelf, a working stereo speaker that doubles as a CD/DVD shelf. Wall and tower shelves provide two useful options.

Simple yet smart, the Soundshelf promises to be a great way to sell the wife on a new stereo system. Rather than big, intrusive speaker boxes, you get a sleek, integrated shelf to organize the living room. Everyone wins (at least in theory, no indication as to how these would actually sound). With the simple, multi-function design element here, perhaps the juvenile Polish quips about solar-powered flashlights can finally be put to rest.  [via designboom]