Swiss Police Discover Pot Farm with Google Earth

20 May 2016 2009-01-29
Posted by Mike Payne


Drag, dude.  Earlier today, Swiss police announced the discovery of a large marijuana plantation hidden amongst cornfields thanks to a chance encounter via Google Earth.  Thanks to the ever-popular eye in the sky of Google, 16 people and 1.1 metric tons of grass are now in custody of police.  The arrestees will likely face hefty jail sentences, while the marijuana will be burnt at the stake (and if you listen carefully, you can hear a million sad stoners gasp in horror).

Our favorite part of this news piece?  We can just imagine some paranoid Swiss dude trying to tell his buddies, “I swear man, they got satellites watching us.  They’re gonna come after us man!!”  Sounds a bit like me in college…  That humorous brand of justice is poetic more than anything else, and frankly- we think the Swiss police have better things to do with their time.  It’s a strange day for technology, a sad day for our smokey friends in Switzerland. [thanks, Dave! via yahoo]

Updatewelcome, StumblersWe noticed you’re visiting, so we thought we’d say thanks– by running a little competition here on this page.  Can you find this location on Google Earth?  We were stumped, but wanted to give you a shot.  If you can find this location, grab a screenshot and upload it to an image host (like, then leave a link to that image in a comment here.  If you can’t find it, then show us your favorite Google Earth screenshot. On Sunday, February 8th, we’ll select a winner (based in the U.S., 18 and over only) to win a free solar-powered flashlight from SunNight Solar.  Good luck!