birkiland umbuster umbrella

Birkiland Umbuster Umbrella

16 Mar 2017 2008-07-16
Posted by Mike Payne

birkiland umbuster umbrella

Until now, we’ve never thought to put the words “umbrella” and “bad ass” together, but we’re going to do it right now: this umbrella is bad ass.  The Birkiland Umubster Umbrella fuses a small form umbrella with a hard metal knuckle duster, protecting you from a whole lot more than just rain.  While this is intended for art, not business, we imagine you could do some pretty serious damage with these brass knuckles.  Take this one with you on your commute, just make sure it doesn’t violate your local laws.  When you get to the office, be sure to check out the Knuckle Duster Mug by Thabto.

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