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French Police Save Millions With Ubuntu

French Police Save Millions With Ubuntu, OpenOffice Posted by Jared Newman Solving budget crises at the local level may not be so complicated after all, if the French Gendarmerie Nationa...
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Soundshelf: Shelf Speakers Turn Speaker Shelves

Posted by Carl Weiss Usually CDs and DVDs don’t mix with your speakers until you hit play. An interesting new home audio design concept out of Poland could change all that. Designers Wite...
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Eyeclock Is Googly All the Time

Posted by Jared Newman Here’s the description for the Eyeclock from designer Mike Mak: “Eyeclock is a pleasuring clock which gives pleasure while telling you time.” Not sure “pleasure” is...
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Steve Ballmer: Tech Will Right This Economy

Steve Ballmer: Tech Will Right This Economy Posted by Mike Payne Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer had some thoughts to share on the sour world economy with CNET and EMC.  “I think if you did...
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Beer of the Week: Old Scratch Amber Ale

Thursday, September 18, 2008 3:27PM - By Mike Payne Flying Dog brewery, most famous for their partnership with Hunter S. Thompson’s visual counterpart Ralph Steadman, is featured again for GearCr...
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The Ray Watch by QuikSilver

The Ray Watch by QuikSilver Posted by Mike Payne Friendly to your eyes and the environment, the Ray Watch by Quiksilver is as progressive as timepieces come.  Built from sustainable ebon...
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