Nintendo DS, iPhones Play in Gadget Orchestra Posted by Jared Newman With the help of a Belkin Rockstar multi headphone splitter, one intrepid DJ has created a tapestry of digital sound...
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gas powered party blender

Gas Powered Party Blender (2 Stroke Engine)

It may not look pretty, but hell– this thing ain’t meant to look pretty.  Its meant to rip through ice cubes, mint leaves, liquor and sugar to make the ultimate gas-powered man mohito.  This Gas Power...
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LaCie iamakey Flash Drive Conceals Nerdiness

LaCie iamakey Flash Drive Conceals Nerdiness Posted by Jared Newman A couple of Web sites are buzzing about the new iamakey flash drive from LaCie, and why shouldn’t they? The key-shaped...
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Vacuum Tube Chess Set Makes Tesla Proud By Jared Newman Vacuum Tubes may have been a cornerstone in developing electronics, but for our purposes here, they make a sweet...
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“701 Jewelry” Chooses Bling Over Function

Posted by Jared Newman   Could this be the world’s most expensive pc?  Sure, the “701 Jewelry” from Moneual is the world’s most expensive “jewelry computer,” but how well can it run C...
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