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Interview: David W. Lloyd and Larry Oji of

16 Jul 2018 2008-08-26


overclocked remix interview shirt msp Interview: David W. Lloyd and Larry Oji of

Have you ever found yourself humming a tune from a video game you can’t put down?  Have you ever played a video game just to hear its soundtrack?  You’re not alone, my friend.  Video game music is one of the newest art forms to the world of media.  While film soundtracks win Oscars and Grammys, video game soundtracks are beginning to earn an acclaim all their own.

A passion for the creativity behind video game music has led a large community of musicians to come together to appreciate this music with the highest form of respect– the remix.  The OverClocked ReMix community takes the full history of video game music, from Atari to PS3, and reshapes it of their own inspiration.  What is this phenomenon of fan-based video game remixing?  What is OverClocked ReMix?  We sat down with the artists behind the OCremix craze to hear about it in their own words…

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What is OverClocked ReMix?

David W. Lloyd (djpretzel): Well, we’ve got our standard blurb on our website, but basically, we’re a community of video game music fans who express our appreciation by remixing/arranging classic and modern game music and making those mixes available freely.

Larry Oji (Liontamer): Part and parcel with that basic goal is that we encourage creative interpretation of the original game music into any and all genres and styles. Everything submitted to the site is peer reviewed for creativity and quality, so we pride ourselves as a great source of free music for anyone, gamers and casual music fans alike.

How long has the OC ReMix website been online?

djpretzel: We started off in early December of 1999, so almost 9 years.  Which is like… 81 years old in “Internet years.”

What got you involved in creating video game soundtrack remixes?

djpretzel: I always loved VGM, even way back with the Colecovision and C64.  When our family got a Sega Master System, though, that’s when I started actually tape recording the music and playing it back and what not.  In 1999, I was involved in the emulation scene, doing a comic strip about it, and decided to branch out and also do video game mixes, plus post other people’s mixes.  It was a great way to learn about music & improve my skills while at the same time contributing/interacting with the emulation/retrogaming scene.  Since then, it’s taken on a life of its own, but the site’s roots are in the emulation community and my own desire to make music.

What do video game remixes mean to you?

djpretzel: They mean a way to channel and express my creativity, nostalgia, love & respect for video games and video game music, and desire to challenge myself and others.  It’s a really unique form, one that we’ve clarified and cultivated by revising our standards and implementing a judges panel.  Sometimes people think we take things too seriously, which I’m sure we’re guilty of from time to time, but honestly, that’s part of our whole point – video game music DESERVES to be taken seriously, and just throwing up Bubble Bobble music with drum loops sloppily added on top wouldn’t convey that respect.

Larry Oji: Nostalgia is definitely one thing, but I’ve heard so many great OC ReMixes from games I’ve never played, so nostalgia isn’t the only thing. There’s just a bunch of great video game music out there with great hooks from games I’ve never played. And the ReMixing community comes through with skilled, creative takes on those themes in a variety of genres. Game remixes not only educate fans on the strength and flexibility of game music compositions, they open people’s minds to genres they may not normally listen to. As a snapshot, the 25 most recent mixes on our front page include rock, electronica, orchestral, metal, jazz, trip-hop, ambient, hip-hop, and waltz. There’s even a mix in the style of a funeral dirge. And even though our front page constantly evolves with new mixes, that snapshot represents the variety the community offers.

You recently worked on the soundtrack for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (which, by the way, offers 1080p high def resolution!) – how did you approach working on a project for such a legendary franchise?

djpretzel: One step at a time… after we got over the initial head rush of being involved with an actual Street Fighter game, we worked with Capcom to break the task down into components.  They looked at Blood on the Asphalt, a Street Fighter II album OCR released, as well as individual mixes on OCR, and basically picked tracks they thought would work.  It was then a matter of contacting original artists and getting them to make edits (and alternate, higher tempo versions) as needed for in-game usage.  There were a few blanks that needed to be filled in, where Capcom didn’t think any existing material was appropriate, and in those cases we did stuff from scratch. AE and Prozax put together a kicking alternate cut of the Ken theme for the title screen and menus, and AE actually did several other tracks as well.  José the Bronx Rican did all but two of the character endings, which was a lot of work.  A few other artists, including myself, fellow soundtrack director Shael Riley and assistant director Malcos, chipped in with stuff, too.  In the end, when you put it all together, it shaped into a diverse but cohesive remixed SF2 soundtrack that I think folks will dig

At, has soundtrack remixing opened up doors for original game music production careers?

Larry Oji: Hopefully the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix soundtrack will open the door to the careers of everyone who contributed to it. As the other assistant soundtrack director for HD Remix, I really couldn’t think of anything better than working on game music soundtracks day in, day out with the talent we have. I maintain an industry recognition page on OCR with information on ReMixers who’ve done professional game work, and look forward to that growing even further. Several of our staff, past and present, have gotten into game music on a professional level specifically thanks to OC ReMix sparking their interest in game music and encouraging them to become better musicians. Dain Olsen (a.k.a. Beatdrop) won a 2007 contest to earn a spot on Dance Dance Revolution SuperNOVA 2 with his original track “Until Forever,” which was also used for DDR Universe 2. Now, DDR Universe 3 is on the horizon and he’ll be creating new material for that, so his relationship with Konami is continuing nicely. Jillian Goldin (a.k.a pixietricks) is an amazing musician and vocalist, and, last year, her vocals were featured in 2K Games’ Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword. Meanwhile, current staff Jimmy Hinson (a.k.a. Big Giant Circles) and Andrew Aversa (a.k.a. zircon) both have some potential game soundtrack stuff in the works that everyone involved hopes will come through, so keep an eye on those guys as well.

What are your own personal favorite remixes that you’ve created?

djpretzel: There’s some part of me that always feels that my latest ReMix is my best; I think it’s just because it’s freshest in my mind, and I’m glad to finally be finished with it, as lately they’ve been taking a long time to complete.  My most recent mix is a waltz arrangement from Doom II entitled “Red Waltz“; it took quite awhile to get the lead cello part just right. That being said, my “Short Skirts” Tifa piece from Final Fantasy VII: Voices of the Lifestream and my Sonic the Hedgehog “Love Hurts” funk arrangement are two pieces I’m proud of; I still listen to them and come up empty in terms of things that I’d change after the fact, which is rare!

Larry Oji: I don’t make music, but I’ve somehow weaseled my way into 2 OC ReMixes so far. [laughs] I’ve got a vocal cameo in a Donkey Kong Country remix by my friend Jesse Taub (a.k.a. Vigilante). It’s called “Funky Monkey Love,” and it’s as goofy as it sounds. Check that out from our free album Kong in Concert, along with Jesse’s Valentine’s Day version on On the more serious side, I also contributed some minor arrangement ideas and a spoken word section for a great Final Fantasy VII tribute mix by friends Big Giant Circles and zircon. That’s called “Adrenalyne Kyck” from our Voices of the Lifestream album, and my part quotes the game’s director referencing the most pivotal moment in that game, so check it out!

What are some of your favorite remixes from the OverClocked ReMix community?

djpretzel: Harmony’s “Dragon Song” from Secret of Mana is an absolute masterpiece; Star Salzman’s “Pillar of Salt” Xenogears mix and Disco Dan’s “Triforce Majeure” Zelda 3 mix are equally resplendent.  Those are three tracks that most folks can agree on, but honestly, there’s dozens more like them, and hundreds that while perhaps not as universally acclaimed will speak to different listeners more.  I’m big on musical diversity, and I feel like OCR does an excellent job in that arena.

Larry Oji: The funny thing is that Dave’s examples mirror a bit of what game titles and franchises are the most popular in our community, but he’s right about the community’s music offering diversity on many levels. As far as my personal favorites, it’s gets murky once I go past a top 2, but I have about 60 OC ReMixes so far that are in my absolute upper echelon. My two favorites are both from under-remixed soundtracks. Hazama’s “Reminiscence (Deep Sleep)” from Suikoden II is a haunting piano piece that sounds like it’s being played underwater, while ktriton & Christian Pacaud’s “Static Wonderland” from Tsugunai is some of the best, most eclectic jazz arrangement that I’ve ever heard on the site. I encourage anyone to check out our free torrents, grab everything we have in a few clicks and find your favorites. With more than 100 hours’ worth of music posted so far, there’s plenty of opportunity to find hundreds of great tracks.

What technology do you use to produce your remixes?

djpretzel: Well, it’s important to note that different artists on OCR compose/produce differently.  Some play live instruments solo or in a band, some enter everything by mouse into a computer, note by note, and some (like myself) sorta do a combination – we play keyboards (musical, not QWERTY) to record parts into a computer, and then layer those parts, instrument by instrument, to form a complete composition.  The core piece of software involved is called a “sequencer,” which allows for recording, editing, and playback of musical information in MIDI format.  Modern sequencers also allow recorded audio – say, vocals, for instance – to be added in and synchronized, in addition to supporting effects and other audio editing capabilities.  These more advanced sequencers that also support audio, effects, and a variety of plugins are called Digital Audio Workstations, or DAWs.  There are a lot of DAW software packages out there, but some of the most popular are FruityLoops Studio, Cubase, Sonar, Reason, Pro Tools, and Live.  They range pretty widely in terms of features and cost, but all of them will let you produce professional music.  I myself have been using Cubase for a long time and find it very intuitive, but FL Studio has a huge following on OCR due to its lower cost, and Reason is a great starter package because it’s also relatively inexpensive and comes with a lot of sounds and effects built in.  We let community members specify what instruments/software they use in their forum profiles, and you can see who uses what and get some valuable tips as well at

Aside from that, what gadgets/technology can you not live without?

djpretzel: My fiancée got me hooked on Gmail and Google Docs, and they’ve become invaluable tools in staying connected and organized and collaborating on projects with site staff.  I’ve recently fallen in love with my PSP as I’ve been traveling more, and find Crush to be one of the best puzzle games ever created; it reminds me of playing Chip’s Challenge on the Lynx way back when, only better.  I do software development both for work and as a hobby, and am a huge fan of VMWare for virtualization and Eclipse for Java/PHP/XSLT/etc. coding.  I’ve finally upgraded my phone to an LG Voyager and started using that as my primary portable MP3 player, and that’s worked out well for long commutes into DC.  Finally, it’s not exactly “can’t live without” territory, but I just recently bought my first handheld recorder (a Zoom H2 – very handy) and my first camcorder (Canon Vixia HF100), and have been playing around with those a bit.  I like gadgets & gear, but I always feel like I want to research thoroughly before actually buying something, so these latest purchases were a long time coming.

Larry Oji: I live on the net, pretty immersed in what we’re doing with OC ReMix, so I’m a huge fan of web analytics software and blog search engines. Google Analytics and BlogPulse are my two favorite resources on the interweb. I always want to keep tabs on what people are saying about our community’s music, thank fans for spreading the word and being supportive and also step in if I see any misconceptions about our site. The latter doesn’t happen too often, but whenever I see someone say OCR is mainly a “techno” music site, I’m on it. I’ll never live without my Sega Dreamcast either. I don’t even have time to play much on it, but I’m never giving it away! That’s the retro gamer in me.

Last, in your opinion, what is the best video game soundtrack of all time?

Larry Oji: [Laughs] You can’t do that! There are more than 8,000 original game soundtracks out there, and that’s just the ones that have been formally released. As much as I love Tim Follin, Yack Watanabe, Koji Kondo and David Wise, and even though the whole Street Fighter II series had amazing stage themes, I’m gonna go with Yuzo Koshiro’s soundtrack for Streets of Rage. Masato Nakamura’s Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack was a great example of what the Genesis’s Yamaha YM2612 sound chip was capable of when people first started working with it. But Streets of Rage did Sonic one better with the Caribbean influenced material Koshiro came up with. That soundtrack in particular sounded like nothing else I’d encountered in games.

djpretzel: I can only pick one??  I’m going to be predictable and say Chrono Trigger – at the moment.  Ask me tomorrow, though, and it’ll be something else – there’s tons of great music out there, you just need to listen with an open mind!

Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Larry and djpreztel.  GearCravers, if you’re a musically inclined lover of video game music, you’ll find the community will give you a warm welcome.  If you’re just a fan of good music, you’ll enjoy the remix albums put together by the talented community at OverClocked Remix.  Thanks for reading!

Update– be sure to check out the Soul Calibur IV giveaway available to GearCrave and OCremix members!


On-Time Clock Always Runs Fast with Kamagra 100mg

4 May 2017 2009-06-25
Posted by Jared Newman


Finally, confirmation that other people set clocks ahead to avoid running late. The trick is to fool yourself into perpetual confusion, never quite knowing what time it really is. Fabrica’s Tak Cheung has designed a clock whose minute hand is always bent forward by a few minutes. One problem though: surf to On-Time’s product page and you’ll learn right away that the clock runs exactly three minutes fast, ruining the mystery. But what happens if you set this clock ahead by an additional amount? Total chaos, followed by a tear in the fabric of the space-time continuum. Maybe that’s why there’s no word on pricing or availability. [Fabrica via The Awesomer]

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birkiland umbuster umbrella

Birkiland Umbuster Umbrella

16 Mar 2017 2008-07-16
Posted by Mike Payne

birkiland umbuster umbrella

Until now, we’ve never thought to put the words “umbrella” and “bad ass” together, but we’re going to do it right now: this umbrella is bad ass.  The Birkiland Umubster Umbrella fuses a small form umbrella with a hard metal knuckle duster, protecting you from a whole lot more than just rain.  While this is intended for art, not business, we imagine you could do some pretty serious damage with these brass knuckles.  Take this one with you on your commute, just make sure it doesn’t violate your local laws.  When you get to the office, be sure to check out the Knuckle Duster Mug by Thabto.

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Braille E-Book Concept for Blind Bookworms

4 Mar 2017 2009-04-21
Posted by Jared Newman


As evidenced by Kindle 2 text-to-speech fiasco and the fact Braille books are bigger and heavier than standard texts, the blind want in on the e-reader craze. But for readers who enjoy listening to a bit of background music, audiobooks aren’t the answer. To the rescue comes the Braille E-Reader, a concept from five Korean designers that uses electroactive polymers to transform the screen. The familiar raised dot patterns rise and falls as electric voltage is run through the device. It’s a pretty neat idea if it actually works, plus I highly doubt the Authors Guild would be able to whine about this one. [Yanko Design via DVice]

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Wednesday StyleCrave: Persol Sunglasses

17 Jul 2016 2008-07-09

When one of my high school friends got a pair of Persol sunglasses not to long ago, I thought they were dope, but I didn’t quite understand why he liked them so much. I just took his enthusiasm for the brand at face value, since out of everyone I grew up with, he probably had the best eye for style. I came across the brand again the other day and did a little research. What makes Persol sunglasses so special is the company’s history, one that situates them as one of the world’s first major innovators in sunglasses, as well a seminal force in Italian design. And what makes them even cooler are the people who wore them–Steve McQueen, Marcello Mastroianni, and Greta Garbo, to name a few. Continue reading to learn more about this iconic eyewear brand, and how you can get a pair of your own…

The company was started in Turin in 1917 when an Italian photographer set out to make hi-tech glasses
for pilots and sports drivers that combined comfort, visual clarity, and protection from sun and debris.
Soon the Protector glasses were adopted by air forces around the world. In the 1920s, the company
developed its trademark brown-yellow lens from crystal to deliver optimum sun protection. The company’s mission to create revolutionary sunglasses was the inspiration behind the name Persol, taken from the Italian “per il sole,” meaning “for the sun.” In the 1930s the company developed the three technological innovations that still set Persol apart as some of the finest, cleverest shades in the world:

  1. The Meflecto system…the world’s first flexible stem,a combination of nylon cylinders and a steel core that improves fit by improving adaptability
  2. The Victor Flex… a “3-notch bridge” designed to improve fit and creat a more comfortable curve for the nose (see the 649 model)
  3. 3. The Silver Arrow…found on the sides of nearly every pair. Like everything on a pair Persols, they’re highly functional, serving as patented hinges for the glasses. The Silver Arrow is the Persol trademark, making the company famous and inspiring tons of copycats.


Persol continues to make high-performance and casual sunglasses. The newer, more modern models are worth checking out, but I think the most stylish are the re-released classics,the first models the company ever made. Here’s a list of my favorite from both categories.

Buy: starting at $160


Created in 1957 for Italian tram drivers, the large lenses were designed to protect against air and dust. The 649 are the flagship model of Persol eyewear. They were immortalized onscreen in 1961, when Marcello Mastroianni, on the shortlist of coolest Italians to ever walk the planet, in Divorce Italian Style


The other iconic model. Shaped like the 649, except with strategic hinges that make it completely foldable. As if that weren’t cool enough, Steve McQueen wore them. Perhaps the most notorious 714s were the ones McQueen had custom-tinted with blue lenses for his extensive personal collection; he rocked them most famously in the 1972 movie, The Getaway. For years, the 714s were out of production, but just recently, Persol decided to re-issue them in limited release. They even reproduced a pair with the McQueen’s famous blue lenses.


A newer model with a sleek, square-ish frame. One of 2 models worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.


Like the 649 and 714, except a little less Italian, perhaps even a little more American. If Persol set out to design their take on the Ray Ban Wayfarer, it’d probably look something like this.


Another newer model– if I’m not mistaken, these are the pair that my aforementioned friend own. They’re one of the only models without the tradmark Silver Arrows, instead there are two subtle stripes of metal at either temple. Understated, modern yet classic– a very sexy pair of shades.


Ad for McQueen’s favored 714s featuring stills from The Getaway


Mastroianni in Divorce Italian Style


Swiss Police Discover Pot Farm with Google Earth

20 May 2016 2009-01-29
Posted by Mike Payne


Drag, dude.  Earlier today, Swiss police announced the discovery of a large marijuana plantation hidden amongst cornfields thanks to a chance encounter via Google Earth.  Thanks to the ever-popular eye in the sky of Google, 16 people and 1.1 metric tons of grass are now in custody of police.  The arrestees will likely face hefty jail sentences, while the marijuana will be burnt at the stake (and if you listen carefully, you can hear a million sad stoners gasp in horror).

Our favorite part of this news piece?  We can just imagine some paranoid Swiss dude trying to tell his buddies, “I swear man, they got satellites watching us.  They’re gonna come after us man!!”  Sounds a bit like me in college…  That humorous brand of justice is poetic more than anything else, and frankly- we think the Swiss police have better things to do with their time.  It’s a strange day for technology, a sad day for our smokey friends in Switzerland. [thanks, Dave! via yahoo]

Updatewelcome, StumblersWe noticed you’re visiting, so we thought we’d say thanks– by running a little competition here on this page.  Can you find this location on Google Earth?  We were stumped, but wanted to give you a shot.  If you can find this location, grab a screenshot and upload it to an image host (like, then leave a link to that image in a comment here.  If you can’t find it, then show us your favorite Google Earth screenshot. On Sunday, February 8th, we’ll select a winner (based in the U.S., 18 and over only) to win a free solar-powered flashlight from SunNight Solar.  Good luck!

sentio digital tactile watch

Sentio Digital Tactile Watch

6 Jan 2016 2008-05-28
Posted by Mike Payne

sentio digital tactile watch

The coolest watch you’ll see today will be invisible to its wearers. This beautiful, thick metal watch is not intended to be seen, but felt. The Sentio Digital Tactile Watch displays time with 1mm raised metal pieces that represent a standard digital display, but are not illuminated. The wearer touches the watch face with his/her fingertips, feeling the time instead of seeing it.

The visual beauty of the Sentio watch is a little ironic. This is one of the most progressive watches we’ve seen in some time, yet it isn’t intended to be seen by its users. Its almost like that historic Zen koan: “if a tree falls in a forest and no one is around, does it make a sound?” We appreciate the irony, and have plenty of respect for Sentio’s designer, Matthew Wagerfield. To help this design reach a market near you, send Matthew some feedback on his website. For more images of the Sentio Digital Tactile Watch, continue reading after the break! [via gizmowatch]

Speaking of Zen and watches, don’t forget our Obaku Harmony watch giving away, running right now. Head on over to the Obaku giveaway page and leave a comment to sign up. Without further adieu, here’s that gallery!

How To Buy Your Own Private Island

How To Buy Your Own Private Island

How To Buy Your Own Private Island

The private island is more than just a status symbol for the Richard Bransons and Larry Pages of the world, it is the ultimate retreat from the stresses and demands of today’s 9-5 rat race. Surprisingly, owning your own tropical island paradise isn’t reserved for dot com moguls and skinny heiresses– prices start in the low six figures. From there, the sky (and the ocean) is the limit. Start saving now, Cravers– and continue reading below on how you can buy your own little piece of paradise…


The Money

Purchasing a private island is not unlike buying any other piece of real estate– and there are plenty of websites which list only island-related properties. Private Islands Online is just one of them, but this site offers a complete list of price ranges for the moguls and middle managers alike. Would you believe that some of these islands go for as little as $200 thousand? And we aren’t talking about some sort of cannibal-filled hellhole, either. Consider Paradise Cay, off the coast of Nicaragua for sale at $225K. This 2.5 acre island is accessible by speedboat via river or sea, and is about 60 miles north of a town called Bluefields. Two and a half acres in Chicago would cost literally millions. This sunny paradise goes for under a quarter mil.

There are a few things you need to do when sorting out the funds for a private island:

  • Get pre-approval for the projected purchase price. This makes you a competetive bidder instead of a window shopper. You won’t be taken as seriously otherwise.
  • Before you apply for that pre-approval, clean up your credit. Get rid of credit rating liabilities you may have such as a big potential debt ratio on unused credit cards and contest any blemish on your credit report.
  • Negotiate terms–many island purchases require between a modest 10 percent and outrageous 50 percent down.
  • Investigate the company you are purchasing from. Ask your lender about the reputation of the company you are about to deal with and get a real estate lawyer involved who understands the issues.

Your expenses for buying a private island will also include paying appraisal fees, property taxes, docking fees for boats, and any development needed to make the island livable. You may need to pay for wells, construction or repair of a boat dock, installation of generators and fuel, and supplies to make the first month’s stay comfortable.

(all photos courtesy of Ahmed Zahid)

Sex on a private Island 

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The Island

Any serious real estate purchase requires a look at the property. What’s the condition of the island? Is it developed? In a pristine natural state? Somewhere in between? No seller will take you seriously unless you are prepared to come out and take a look, so even if you haven’t gotten your travel budget sorted out, tell the agent you’d like to arrange a viewing as soon as it’s convenient for both of you. Ask some important questions before you take the trip and you could save yourself some serious headaches:

  • What is the property’s history of tropical storms, natural disasters, or other problems?
  • Is the property near any military test ranges for aircraft, missiles, Navy ships, or other vehicles?
  • Is the island on a flight path for private or commercial aircraft?
  • How far away is the nearest airport? Hospital? Helipad?
  • What is the water situation on the island itself? Will I need to dig wells?
  • Who lives nearby?
  • Is the property subject to mining, oil drilling, or other mineral rights issues? What about the waterway adjacent to the property?
  • Are there tribal or indigenous claims to any part of the island or its natural resources?

Asking these questions will give you an excellent idea of whether or not you still want to fly all the way out to have a look. If buying the property means becoming embroiled in some local struggle over rights and natural resources, or if your island is right next door to the Navy’s missile test firing range, you know you’ll be taking a pass. For those that get acceptable answers to your quesiotns, do some additional homework on the lifestyle in the area you’re buying in. has a wide range of articles on just about every getaway known to man–a good starting place for research on the area you might soon be calling your home or home away from home.

The Lifestyle

Island life isn’t for everyone. If you’ve got a strong independent streak, can deal with problems and unforseen issues and still keep your head glued on straight, a private island could be for you. Being handy with a toolkit helps, and so does knowing your own limitations. Private islands are often a long way from the nearest hospital, so if you don’t have your own medical staff, being on good physical condition is definitely part of the game plan.

  • Fully developed islands are more expensive, but require less personal time and energy on your part.
  • A partially-developed island with the necessities is a good mid-priced option, but prepare to use your handyman skills
  • An island in its natural state will take a lot of time and development to make livable unless you want to play out your Gilligan’s Island fantasies.
  • If you are not a loner, don’t sequester yourself on a secluded island. You’ll go bonkers.

If you are tempted to buy an island, but aren’t sure you can handle it, the best thing you can do is to rent a private island and give that experience a chance to sink in. Renting is the closest you can get to ownership without actually taking the plunge, and there are many reputable agencies offering gorgeous getaways. Virgin Airlines owner Richard Branson’s Necker Island starts about about $33,000 per night and comes with a staff member for every guest. The Spanish Isla de sa Ferradur has salons, a spa, Turkish bath, and other amenities; your’re not exactly forced to rough it under these conditions. is a great place to begin searching for your own private island getaway rental property. Rent or buy? Try it on for size and see.

Your private island paradise awaits. Scrape up some petty cash, make a few arrangements, and you’re well on your way to a whole new adventure. Just be sure to invite us out for a nice weekend after you’ve taken our advice.

(For more great articles and reviews on how to live like the ultimate playboy, subscribe to the GearCrave RSS feed and check back here for up to 8 articles per weekday. Also, be sure to check out Ahmed Zahid’s flickr stream for breathtaking photos of the Maldives, where we would love to own our private island!)

GearCrave Interview: Jake Nickell, CEO of

16 Mar 2015 interviews

Jake Nickell, bottom right, and the Threadless/SkinnyCorp Crew)

Arguably the biggest name in T-Shirts, has gone from a forum-based t-shirt design contest to a multi-million dollar t-shirt empire. By fostering community interaction and embracing the work of talented designers from around the world, they’ve built a strong business and an impressive catalog of tees. GearCrave sat down with the founder and CEO of ThreadLess to discuss t-shirts, cravings, and the ever popular lightning round.

For the uninitiated describe what is the wonderment that is

Threadless is an ongoing call for tee shirt designs. Anyone can submit a design, they are voted on by the public and the best designs are selected for print and sold from the website. Designers of selected designs receive $2,500 in cash and prizes with the chance to receive another $10,000 at the end -of-the-year Bestee awards.

We’ve seen Threadless change a lot over the years. What started with selling t-shirts on the web has progressed to a brick and mortar store along with the introduction of new products like hoodies, wall decals, etc. What’s next for Threadless?

Right now we’re really interested in advancing our kid’s line and setting up better distribution around the world. We have 2 new notable additions to our product line in the works as well that should be announced in 2008.

Where and when do you see the next store opening?

Probably a kid’s store in Chicago and another store in Boulder, CO – hopefully by end of 2008.

Threadless’ corporate umbrella also hosts some other fun projects. Can you share anything about some other skinnyCorp projects you’re currently excited about?

We’ve been putting a lot of work into Naked and Angry ( the past year and starting this spring we plan to release a new product every month through that project.

In the nearly 8 years that Threadless has been in business, you’ve likely seen countless t-shirts go to print. To date, what is your personal favorite Threadless tee?

My favorite changes pretty much every 2 weeks. Right now this tee with this crazy UV ink rules.

How often do you have sex and do you use erectile remedies?
Yes, especially every weekend I ‘m addicted to Kamagra, the product Kamagra 100mg  is very easy to buy online and helps with my erection problems.

GearCrave’s focus is to showcase the coolest gadgets, gear, entertainment, design and style on the web. Beyond style, we’d like to talk more about what you’re craving on the web right now. In short, this is our chance to get to know you, Jake Nickell, the “guy behind the guy”.

What is the must-have gadget in your life that you can’t live without?

I’m addicted to my iPhone… checking email and bloglines and such, taking pictures, etc. It’s becoming a problem! Ha!

What car do you wish you had in your garage right now?

I have a 1970 International Scout 800A SR-2 that I need to put a new engine in and fix up – I wish it was done and in the garage!

What was your favorite movie of 2007?

I like almost every movie. I have a 5-month old baby at home so it was hard to go see movies last year but I really enjoyed 300. I’m a sucker for a good action ?

Apart from Threadless where is your favorite place to buy clothes?

I’m really into Nau ( – they have a good thing going on. I also like outdoorsy brands like Helly Hansen, the North Face, Patagonia.

Which gadget can you not travel without?

Always need my laptop and cell, but that’s about it. It’s nice to have a camera. And diapers.

What has been your most indulgent purchase?

Electric go-karts for the office.

What album is hopelessly stuck in your head right now?

The acoustic Against Me album… I could listen to it forever.


Alright, Jake– are you up to it? Time for the GearCrave Lightning Round!

Mac, PC, or Linux?

Mac and PC, must have both!

Sports car or Hybrid?


Blondes or Brunettes?


Video games or the Great outdoors?

Great outdoors

Elvis or the Beatles?


The Office UK or The Office US?


Novels or Biographies?


Myspace or Facebook?


MacGyver or Chuck Norris?


Ninja’s or Pirates?

Pirates please.

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