Microsoft: June’s for the Zune, Don’t Buy iPhone/Pre

5 Dec 2009 2009-05-12

Microsoft: June’s for the Zune, Don’t Buy iPhone/Pre

Posted by Jared Newman

Twitter’s the new tech hype machine, and if you keep your ears to the wire, you’ll get tidbits of news in unlikely places. The latest comes from Microsoft’s Office ’10 Twitter page, which has oddly dedicated 40 percent of its posts so far to Zune-related issues. First, we’re told that June 2009 will be “an important month for Zune lovers,” followed by confirmation of a new product launch. “Hold off from buying an iPhone/Pre,” the feed sayeth. There are other dots to connect here. We’ve heard that Microsoft is working on an iPhone rival, codenamed Pink, plus the possibility of a Zune HD. Then, there’s the fact that E3 falls on the first week of June, raising the possibility of some Xbox connection. Also, Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hyrb is tweeting about “the coolest opportunity I’ve had in a long time.” So the takeaway is this: Microsoft is working on something, and they think it’s going to be awesome. [Twitter via Engadget]