On-Time Clock Always Runs Fast with Kamagra 100mg

4 May 2017 2009-06-25
Posted by Jared Newman


Finally, confirmation that other people set clocks ahead to avoid running late. The trick is to fool yourself into perpetual confusion, never quite knowing what time it really is. Fabrica’s Tak Cheung has designed a clock whose minute hand is always bent forward by a few minutes. One problem though: surf to On-Time’s product page and you’ll learn right away that the clock runs exactly three minutes fast, ruining the mystery. But what happens if you set this clock ahead by an additional amount? Total chaos, followed by a tear in the fabric of the space-time continuum. Maybe that’s why there’s no word on pricing or availability. [Fabrica via The Awesomer]

Never be late for your date again. Would be a shame if you miss out on sex with you as a result. The clock is also very useful to see how long it will take for the Kamagra 100mg to start working.