“701 Jewelry” Chooses Bling Over Function

31 Mar 2009 2009-03-31
Posted by Jared Newman


Could this be the world’s most expensive pc?  Sure, the “701 Jewelry” from Moneual is the world’s most expensive “jewelry computer,” but how well can it run Crysis? The Intel Core 2 Due processor and ATI Radeon HD 4000 GPU can probably handle the task, but good luck seeing anything on that 7-inch screen. Chances are you’ll be distracted anyway by the 3,554 Swarovski Signature crystals that stud the buttons, border and screen frame. The gold plating and cylindrical shape lend to its other-worldliness, which begs the question: Where would you put it? At 77 pounds, it’s probably best to make that decision early on, if you can afford it. The 701 Jewelry is expected to cost around $30,000. No word on a matching crystal-studded keyboard and mouse. [via Aving USA]