The Ray Watch by QuikSilver

25 Aug 2008 2008-08-25 1601

The Ray Watch by QuikSilver

Posted by Mike Payne

Friendly to your eyes and the environment, the Ray Watch by Quiksilver is as progressive as timepieces come.  Built from sustainable ebony wood, stainless steel and fully recyclable parts, the Ray Watch symbolizes Quiksilver’s approach to pollution neutral design.  The visual philosophy of the Ray Watch takes its inspiration from the classic Art Deco radios of the 1940s.  Its unique display styling only shows the time above the fold, using double-ended spinning dials that move across the time markers twice in 12 hours.  If you want a statement on your wrist, a sustainable watch with a bold new design, you’re looking at it.

Buy: $500

Davone Rithm

7 Aug 2008 2008-08-07 1506

Audiophiles and design buffs alike are getting pretty excited about the Davone Rithm speakers.  Hell, so are we! This smoothly curved speaker has some serious sound behind it, sporting a 1-inch dome tweeter placed in the center of an 8-inch woofer. Even if the sound hardware doesn’t impress (which it does, according to reports), we’d still want a set of these just to show off. The Danish design touches of the Rithm provide a minimalist look built from specialized wood molding techniques. The look and performance of the Davone Rithm will surely be turning heads at your next cocktail party… [thanks cnet]

Buy: $TBA