birkiland umbuster umbrella

Birkiland Umbuster Umbrella

Posted by Mike Payne Until now, we’ve never thought to put the words “umbrella” and “bad ass” together, but we’re going to do it right now: this umbrella is bad ass.  The Birkiland Umubster U...
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Braille E-Book Concept for Blind Bookworms

Posted by Jared Newman As evidenced by Kindle 2 text-to-speech fiasco and the fact Braille books are bigger and heavier than standard texts, the blind want in on the e-reader craze. But for r...
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Wednesday StyleCrave: Persol Sunglasses

When one of my high school friends got a pair of Persol sunglasses not to long ago, I thought they were dope, but I didn’t quite understand why he liked them so much. I just took his enthusiasm for th...
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