Pandora handheld console expected soon

pandora Pandora handheld console expected soon

The OpenPandora team is showing off an almost finalized case design for the Pandora open-source handheld console. The unit is has a ARM Cortex-A8 600Mhz+ CPU running Linux, a 4.3-inch 16.7 million color touchscreen LCD, a full keyboard with dual analog stick layout, WiFi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth, and a High Speed USB 2.0 Host, and can reportedly last 10 hours on a single battery. The device still isn’t quite completed, but is expected to hopefully be released April 7th. [via ArsTechnica]

GE Holographic Storage: the Next Optical Frontier

Americans always want bigger and better. Think Blu-Ray is the last frontier? Think again, Spock. Holographic discs may be the next breakthrough for storing information. Instead of being etched with patterns only on the surface, a holo-disc saves data throughout its interior. When the first holographic discs hit the market next year, users will need to buy expensive systems (the early adopter tax) to handle the 300GB discs. But scientists at GE Global Research are working on a laser system that can read CD, DVD and holo-discs. That system may hit the market in 2012. So be smart– don’t go out and upgrade your DVD collection to Blu-Ray just yet…  [ge]

Lifestyles of the Digger Famous: 3 Top Diggers on Social Fame

Whether you are new to Digg, a seasoned pro or Kevin Rose himself (Hi Kevin!), these three men have a powerful influence on what you read. MsaleemMrBabyMan and Zaibatsu have established themselves as a “Digg Trinity”, three unlikely friends whose names are synonymous with social media, their submissions appearing on the front page of digg on a daily basis, driving millions of readers to sites they discover.

GearCrave joined the trio to discuss Digg, social media and their latest project, the Drill Down Podcast

GearCrave: What is your name, digg username, location and job title?

Msaleem: My name is Muhammad Saleem and I go by the user name msaleem on almost all social media sites (except for StumbleUpon where my user name is msaleem-stumbl. I live in Chicago and I work as a strategy and product/business development consultant to startups.

MrBabyMan: My name is Andrew Sorcini, I go by MrBabyMan on Digg (and other social networks), and I’m a film editor.

Zaibatsu: I’m Reg Saddler, I go by Zaibatsu on Digg, mixx, and everywhere else. I’m a retired tech consultant.

GC: How did the three of you originally come together? When was the idea for the Drill Down Podcast created?

MBM: We’re all submitters on Digg. It’s a natural occurrence amongst Digg submitters (and I really can’t explain why) that as they become more and more successful, they begin to connect with each other outside of Digg. For the most part, all the top submitters know each other and chat with each other fairly regularly. This is how Mu, Reg and I first connected.

Mu and I would occasionally chat about the tech stories we saw on Digg, and our conversations were so free and insightful, I began to wonder if anyone else would be interested in eavesdropping in on them. Mu suggested we make it a threesome with Reg, and we started to record our chats.

GC: What is The Drill Down Podcast? What does it mean for the world of social media?

MS: The Drill Down podcast covers technology-related and web-related news and often reviews new social web apps. As for social media, the podcast is a place for people to come together and discuss all the latest social media happenings. We don’t ‘run’ the show, in fact we take recommendations from the audience and often invite them to co-host the show with us.

GC: What doors has Digg opened for you and your respective careers?

MS: I don’t think it’s Digg specifically that has opened doors for any of us, but via Digg, it’s our respective understanding of some of the most important properties in the social web sphere that has opened doors for us. In fact it is this same understanding that allows us to utilize Digg to its maximum potential.

MBM: My entertainment industry career is independent from my involvement on Digg, and outside of the realm of social networking, my co-workers, friends and family are unimpressed, uninterested or just don’t get it. That’s fine by me.

Z: Digg has definitely introduced me to a lot of wonderful people in social media I otherwise wouldn’t have met. Since being on Digg, I’ve developed great relationships with them.

GC: What do you believe is the key to your success on Digg?

MS: There is no big secret to success on Digg. Submit good quality content and participate actively on the site and anyone can be just as successful on the site. The new crop of power-Diggers prove just that.

MBM: I think my success is due for the most part to the Digg community finding an affinity with many (roughly about 27%) of the stories I submit. And for that, I’m grateful to be able to choose and submit content they connect with.

Z: I think people really like me and my posts. Also I have a, shall we say, distinctive title/description style that I think people dig (pun intended)

GC: For each of you, what are a few of your all-time favorite personal submissions to Digg?

MS: My favorite submission so far was the announcement of Al-Gore being awarded the Nobel Prize.

MBM: That’s tough to say, but I’d have to say my favorites are the ones that really moved people, engaged them in heated debate, or inspired them to consider a viewpoint they hadn’t previously.

ZSo neighbors steal your wi-fi net access, kill the connection or have fun or anything with treefrogs.

GC: If you could change any one thing about Digg, what would it be?

MS: I would make it much more transparent.

MBM: I would call for more transparency in the

Goody Gram’s Pitch Black Playing Cards

black playing cardsblack playing cards

Deal yourself a cool hand, as bold as black with these playing cards from Goody Gram’s and MollaSpace.  Both the ink and the cards it is printed on are shades of black, making a slick set of 52 that is ready for your next poker night.  The face cards include some killer designs, very much in the vein of a Frank Miller graphic novel.  Now all you need are some grey scale poker chips and some fresh blood poker players, you’re in for a dark poker knight in which to make a killing…

Buy: $16

NIN: The Slip released today (for free)

nin the slip 05052008 msp NIN: The Slip released today (for free)

Nine Inch Nails once again shatters the commonplace with a new album and a middle finger to the record industry.  NIN’s newest album, The Slip, was released today — for free — online.  The album includes ten tracks for a total length of 43:45.  The album is available in standard mp3 format and all the way up to audiophile quality 24-bit, 96kHz .wav format.  If you’re a NIN fan, or want your own piece of history, go ahead and download The Slip and celebrate the beginning of the end for the RIAA.

Buy: $Free

GearCrave Interview: The Basketball Jones

For anyone who has been paying attention, this has been quite a storied year for the sport of pro basketball. This year, NBA fans have seen referee scandals, blockbuster trades, new rankings leaders and a Western Conference so competitive that a 50 win team may not reach the playoffs. Arguably, this could be the most storied season for the NBA in recent memory…

Amidst all of this hoop hype, three guys from Toronto, Ontario get together every weekday morning to talk basketball. Skeets, Tas and JD are the founders and voices behind one of the top sports radio shows in North America: The Basketball Jones podcast. 292 smart, insightful and hopelessly funny episodes later, the boys with the jones for basketball have become a staple in the NBA.

With the 2008 NBA playoffs just over a week away, you’re going to want to tune into TheBasketballJones podcast. We sat down with Skeets and Tas for an interview on the inspiration of the show, their take on the state of the NBA and the ever popular “lightning round”… Keep reading, GearCravers, to learn why the leaders in sports new media should be your top destination for NBA playoff coverage.

cheech chong basketballjones 04112008 GearCrave Interview: The Basketball Jones

About The BasketBall Jones

How did the concept for TBJ come together?

Tas: You know, the typical story. We were all saving whales in Fiji when we decided, “Hey, we’re wasting our lives, let’s create a podcast!” Well, the real story’s kinda close. The three of us finished school and didn’t have a tonne on the go, so we decided to do something creative together. We all have experience in the media world and we love ball, so it was a pretty natural fit.

How did the two of you meet?

Tas: At school. Skeets, JD and I all enrolled in the Radio & Television Program at Ryerson University in Toronto. Oh, you should hear some of the “quality” projects we had to complete. You thought our first 100 episodes were bad? Pffft.

What has been your most popular episode to date, and why?

Tas: Hmmm. Probably Episode 100. It’s an hour long highlight/lowlight reel of our first 99 episodes. Many instances of technology doing us wrong, unintentional humor and Kelly Dwyer.

Your production quality has grown to rival any other traditional sports radio show. How serious is the production of the TBJ podcast, and how would you relate it to the production of a professional radio show?

Tas: Why, thank you. The man behind the production, Jason Doyle (JD), takes great pride in the way every element sounds. The man is a professional producer. He comes from a audio/video editing background and has worked on many shows. In all facets, our show is a professional radio show. From our studio, to our stingers, to our voice overs, to our music. JD doesn’t settle for less. Any more questions about it, please refer to him. I have no idea what goes on behind the glass.

TBJ has been a bit of a launching pad into sports media for you both. Skeets, you’re now the main contributor for Yahoo’s Ball Don’t Lie Blog. Tas, you’ve been featured on Raptors TV. Did you expect any of this when you started on TBJ?

Skeets: Um, have you heard our show? No. A thousand times no.

Tas: I only got involved for the groupies. And, trust me, things are working out well.

Gotta ask– your hockey-hating, Mutombo-molesting, sultry-voiced announcer sounds quite lovely. First, how did she get involved, and how would you rate her on the lovely scale?

Skeets: I believe it was JD’s brilliant idea to incorporate a woman’s voice into the show. (“We’ve got too much dude … dudes.”) The three of us worked with Caroline on a television pilot we had produced in university, so we asked her to bring that sultry voice into the studio. She’s cool as hell, and yes, very lovely. We only surround ourselves with sexy people on the Jones. It’s one of our rare rules.

Tas: Caroline = Very Talented. Lovely Scale? Judge for yourself.

detroit basketball detroit bad boys 04112008 msp GearCrave Interview: The Basketball Jones(image courtesy:

About NBA Basketball

In recent history, there has been no year like this year for the NBA. It started with a referee scandal, had the most talented draft since 2003, was followed by the blockbuster big ticket Boston trade, then led to some of the most exciting mid-season trades in years. Do you feel like this is a peak year for the NBA, one we’ll look back on in years to come?

Skeets: If the Lakers (Gasol), Celtics (Garnett) or Suns (Shaq) end up winning this year’s championship, yes. Otherwise, it’ll just be remembered as that one year when 12 West teams won, like, 60 games or something stupid.

Tas: To me, there seems to be more talent in the league than any year I can remember. Yes, this year will be remembered for the champion if they were one of the big movers, but I think the overwhelming amount of the talent is the bigger story. That story might not make headlines, but it puts the NBA on an incline, where the peak is yet to come.

There have been arguments that NBA basketball is becoming a niche sport, one that most Americans (and Canadians!) have turned their backs on. Do you feel that this argument is misguided? If so, is NBA Commissioner David Stern and his star-focus policy partly responsible?

Tas: The NBA is far from a niche sport. Yes, it has less fans than the NFL or MLB, but, there is a reason ratings are up this year. Many of those fans that left over the last decade are finding a reason to watch NBA games. The argument that the league is relevant only 3 times a year (Draft Night, All-Star Weekend, and a Game 7) is becoming moot. Denver dropping 168, the major trades, Golden State-Dallas, Phoenix-LA Lakers, and Kobe dropping 81 are examples of events which will get the casual fan watching more often. Stern’s star-focus policy has back fired over the last ten years or so, but this year’s celebration of the game is working quite well. The “Where Amazing Happens” campaign is very memorable. That being said, Stern’s star-based direction has also been partially guilty of making the players out to be prima donnas – a big turnoff for the casual fan. The current direction, or a more team based approach, along with raising the age limit of draft eligible players will slowly extinguish that perception.

Save from your home town team, is there any stand-out team in the league that you really enjoy, even if their record suggests otherwise?

Skeets: I enjoy watching the Magic in the morning, the Jazz around lunch, the Suns at dusk and the Warriors late a night. Also, Julius Hodge is the future.

We’ve passed the crescendo of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Many NBA-purists (myself included) can’t even categorize the two as the same sport. What are three ways you feel the NBA is superior to the NCAA, despite some fans arguments to the contrary?

Tas: The NBA is superior to the NCAA? Wow, that’s great news for us, isn’t it? Joking aside, I totally agree with your statement. The NBA is just overflowing with talent; the NCAA is simply not. Check the NBA draft every year. Why don’t many of the drafted players from the NCAA stick in the league for an extended period of time? ‘Cause they’re not good enough! Watch any NBA team, save the Miami Heat, and you will see a far higher percentage of players who are capable of doing special things. Only college standouts are good enough for the L. College players give more effort? Come on. They play less than half the games of an NBA athlete and the NBA playoffs are just as intense as March Madness. I got more. There are less shots taken and less individual creativity in the amateur ranks because coaches lack trust in the kids. OK, I’m rambling.

Prediction time: Who comes out of the East, who comes out of the West, who takes the championship? Who’s your MVP?

Skeets: East: Celtics over Pistons in 6. West: Lakers over Spurs in 6, with an extremely controversial call in Game 4. (Sternspiracy!) Champs: Celtics in 7. MVP: Kobe.

Tas: Man, it’s impossible to bet against the Celtics coming out of the East. As for the West, I think Steve Kerr’s belly is full of luck. I’ll take the Suns over the Celtics in 7. MVP: Kobe.

Last, if Pat Riley and Isiah Thomas had to fight with knives to the death, who would win? Advantage: Pat Riley’s hair.

Skeets: This is a trick question. Riley would quit halfway through the fight to go get a cavity filled, while Zeke would accidentally stab himself to death trying to juggle the knife. So, both of them win. Sort of.

Tas: Pat Riley gets run over by the Smush-calade. Winner: Zeke.

About Skeets and Tas

At the moment, what is your favorite website/webservice?

Skeets: Facebook. I still get a kick out of telling my 153 “friends” that I’m “busy eating cereal.”

Tas: The lazy man’s cure for surfing.

What car/cycle do you wish you had in your garage right now?

Skeets: A GS160 Mark 1 Vespa.

Tas: I’ll go double. Mazda RX-8 and Toyota FJ Cruiser.

What’s the best book you’ve read and film you’ve seen in the last 6 months?

Skeets: Book: ‘What Is the What’ by Dave Eggers. Film: ‘No Country for Old Men’ and/or the 1986 BMX classic ‘Rad’.

Tas: Book: ‘Beyond the Horizon’ by Colin Angus. Film: Magnolia. Ya, I’m behind.

Which gadgets can you not live without?

Skeets: My laptop, alarm clock and PVR. (TIVO for you Americans.)

Tas: PVR & cell phone.

Mac, PC, Linux?

Skeets: 17-inch MacBook Pro. (And just so you know, it’s spelled “Linas Kleiza.”)

Tas: PC. I’m too stubborn to change.

What is your most recent, most indulgent purchase?

Skeets: Rockband, I guess.

Tas: The Dominican Republic.

Tell us a fact about Skeets and Tas we probably don’t already know.

Skeets: My real name is Justin.

Tas: I don’t know a Justin, or a Skeets.

Thanks Skeets and Tas for taking some time to chat with us. GearCravers, be sure to tune into TheBasketballJones podcast 5 days a week for fun, insightful coverage of NBA basketball. We’re excited for one hell of a playoff year for the NBA… may the best team win it all!

7 Ideen zu gunsten von erfolgreich Webdesign | Html Website Erstellen Programm

Mieten Jene einen richtigen Webdesigner des weiteren der Bruderherz Ihrer Alte (derb) ist nicht der Richtige. Das stimmt – unsereins haben bei weitem nicht das Glück, talentierte Verwandte zu haben, die unser Webdesign kostenlos entwerfen können. Sich selbst hören die ganze Zeit; mein Cousin, Sohn, Freund eines Freundes arbeitet herauf meiner Website, aber schlechterdings ist dies Ergebnis des Projekts nicht das, was ich erwartet habe. We are leading custom software development company delivering full-cycle software development services.

programm zum erstellen von webseiten

Aktuell möchten Jene vielleicht diese eine, Frage einstellen – Was macht die gute Internetauftritt? Und die Chancen sind gut, dass Sie beharrlich dieselben Dinge hören werden, ohne ihnen viel Mitbringsel zu sausen lassen. Das Lustigste ist, dass sich die masse Vorschläge lediglich in der richtigen Weise verrücken lassen, die optimale Ergebnisse liefert. Dabei ist die Liste von wenigen, die Sie beinhalten können:

Sei bereit zu zahlen

Die Erfahrung lehrt uns, dass “der günstigste Preis normalerweise nicht jener BESTE Preis ist”. Wir wissen, falls jeder gerne die Ausarbeitung zu den günstigsten Preisen erledigt. Das ist die allgemeine Psyche, die gleichmäßig über verschiedenartige Länder zerstreut ist. Sofern ich das Zitat fuer jemand anderen verliere, beglücke ich gelegentlich die Page, um den Inhalt abgeschlossen sehen, dieser hochgeladen sieht man, und finde immer, dass die Qualität der Aufgabe nicht so sehr gut ist natürlich wie dasjenige, was mein hätte anbieten können. Das ist richtig? Wenn Jene weniger zu gunsten von Web-Design bezahlen möchten, sein Sie immer die Exzellenz fehlt.

Überprüfen Sie jedweden Link wohl: Sobald dieses grober Entwurf der Website fertig ist echt, machen Jene das Probieren selbst. Gehe durch welchen Inhalt und überprüfe alle Link. Niemand kann Die Website so sehr gründlich akkumulieren wie Jene.

Umgang mit der Niederlage

Wir hören viele Erkrankungen von Kunden, deren Webseiten von ihren Designern in der nahen Mitte geduldig wurden. Zeitweilig sind die Projekte halb fertig oder für Websites, die gestartet wurden, die Dinge wirken nicht mehr reibungslos oder der Webdesigner behandelt aus dem Geschäft usw. Um eine Situation als diese über vermeiden, machen Sie eine Hintergrundüberprüfung dieses Unternehmens, dies Sie vorweg einstellen. Überprüfen Sie das Portfolio, gesundheitspilz Sie getreu Referenzen ferner wenn möglich, gehen Jene in ihr Büro des weiteren überprüfen Sie ihre Operationen. Du willst nicht, dass ein 16-jähriger Junge unfein seinem Schlafzimmer kommt, oder aber?

Klare und einfache Navigation

Niemand mag es, verschwunden zu gehen und die Navigation mag Ihre Website beschädigen. Jede Webseite sollte einen einfachen und konsistenten Navigationsbereich ferner einen Hemmungslos zur Startseite haben. Jener Home-Button ist der am häufigsten verwendete Button des Besuchers – verstecken Sie ihn in keiner weise in einem geringen Text in der nahen Kopfzeile.

Wählen Sie dieses anständiges Farbkombinationsschema

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Leistung verschiedener Browser

Bitten Sie Ihren Designer, sicherzustellen, dass Ihre Internetseite auf so vielen Browsern und Geräten wie möglich ausgeführt sieht man, um die größte Zielgruppe zu erreichen. Probieren Sie Ihre Website uff (berlinerisch) so vielen Plattformkombinationen denn möglich, einschließlich Mac, PC, BlackBerry, eigene homepage kostenlos erstellen ohne anmeldung Palmtops, Handys, I-Pads usw. Das kann dazu führen, dass mehr als 30% der Kundschaft verloren gehen.


Das wichtigste Werkzeug des weiteren deshalb bekomme ich das im zurückliegenden erwähnt. Wir kennen keine Tricks, gut mit den Suchmaschinen zu wirken, außer den guten Inhalt zu schreiben. Bei jener Suche entsprechend Keywords und der Erstellung eines fundierten Inhalts, jener in allen ersten Suchanfragen von Google oder Yahoo erscheint, handelt es sich mit der absicht, einen integralen Webdesign-Service.

RAZR/KRZR Mobile Phone Telescope


The interestingly-named Brando Workshop offers this telescope made specifically for the Motorola RAZR V3 and KRZR K1. You just fix it to the cell phone where the camera lens is located and you can zoom in, and even take pictures. The Brando Workshop marketing hype on this is VERY careful not to call this a “zoom lens” but if this functions the way the PR copy says it does, a zoom lens is basically what you’ve got. The price is just as crazy as the idea; $19 is too good NOT to give it a try, but only if you own the right phone. The day they make one of these for the iTouch is the day it really blows up in the marketplace.

<<Via Brando Workshop>>

Philips BDP9000 Blu-Ray DVD Player

Behold the BDP9000, the first Blu-Ray DVD entry from Phillips. This is backwards compatible (it plays DVDs and CDs, duh) and has a nifty upconvert feature that brings your existing DVDs to near-HD quality on playback. Not bad, eh? You get a full range of audio options including MP3, Dolby, DolbyDTS, and more. Check these specs:

  • Up to 1080p (1920 x 1080p) output through HDMI digital output
  • Selectable 1080p/1080i/720p video upconversion of DVD’s through HDMI
  • BD-RE, BD-ROM, DVD ROM, DVD RAM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-ROM, CD-R/RW playback compatible
  • MPEG2, VC-1, H.264, HD JPEG decoding
  • 12-bit/192MhZ video D/A converter; 24-bit/192KHz audio D/A converter

We have no idea who will win the Blu-Ray vs. HD format wars, but this one is priced under five bills and makes catching up with Blu-Ray pretty painless. Want to take the plunge?

Buy for $379.74