Thalbach Hand-Crafted Wooden USB Drives

thalbach wooden usb drives

The USB flash drive has taken mobile media storage in a surprising direction. Where the floppies, CDs and tape drives of yesteryear were all about business, the USB flash drive has become an art form in and of itself. USB flash drives have been integrated into jewelry, into action figures, even into little puppies that hump your laptop when plugged in. While the latter shows how absurd this art has become, we’d like to share just how sexy and stylish USB flash drives can be. A small company based in Germany, Thalbach Design Manufaktur, sells hand-crafted, hand-engraved wooden USB drives with up to 4GB of storage. Using a variety of woods and polishes, Thalbach provides a signature spin on your personal data storage.

Continue reading for an in-depth look at these unique USB drives– and stick around GearCravers, we’ll be giving away 4 free USB drives from our friends at Thalbach in a post later on today.

thalbach wooden usb drive

Each Thalbach USB drive is hand-crafted to order. You can select from a variety of veneers, inlay types, memory size and custom engravings. Depending on the use, you can engrave what you like in the inlay– your name, a personal graphic, the logo of your business or even a quote. The idea here is personalization, making your USB drive totally unique. As for woods, you can select between walnut root wood, zebrano, Indian apple and rosewood for the giveaway we’ll be announcing in a bit. Otherwise, there is a whole lot to choose from at the website. At the heart of the piece is the USB flash drive itself, storing either 1GB, 2GB or 4GB. A wooden cap is fit to the end of the USB drive to complete the look and keep your data safe.

Thalbach is capitalizing on the fact that mobile data storage has become personal. Where media storage like CDs and DVDs are dispensable, USB flash drives have a much longer life span. You really only need one, and if you are going to get one you might as well do it right. Fortunately, the pricing for these hand-crafted drives is not out of this world– they start at $85 for the 1GB model and rise to $146 for the 4GB version.

wooden usb drive

Markus Bischof, founder of Thalbach Design Manufaktur, prefers a personal approach to selling his wooden USB drives online. Instead of pages of forms to fill out to choose woods, sizes and inscription, Markus takes orders himself via email. This is another testament to making each of his USB drives personal to the customer. While they’re priced in Euros and ship from Germany, US customers can pay via paypal in US dollars and receive a nice black gift box package in about 5 days after the one week production.

Get yourself a truly personalized, unique USB drive hand-made from exquisite woods by a skilled German craftsman. Check out the full line of options at the website. While the site content is in German, Thalbach’s customer service writes perfect English and will gladly help you choose the style that is best for you.

Buy: from $85