Weed Chess Set that you cannot ignore

Take a Look at the New Weed Chess Set. Chess is a game of wits. It is the best way one can sharpen their cognitive skills along with the fun and pleasure.

Over the decades the game of chess has many changes in the way it is played or the time duration of a single game. But one thing that has not changed is its freshness.

Every time I am about to play a game of chess with someone, the possible number of moves that can be played using few numbers of squares, just keeps me wondering the beauty of such a simple game. The game is meant to test your brainstorming skills and is a test of your patience. As we all know that change is inevitable, so is true for the game of chess. To keep the game popular, veteran chess players and marketers together have come up with many new ideas to re-design the same age-old game.

Apart from conducting chess camps and tournaments across the world, they are also trying ways to increase player engagement by going digital. Playing chess online rather than playing on a physical board has surely increased the player engagement and also boosted the popularity of the game. Now players can play with anyone at his own convenience and time.

One such initiative is the creation of the marijuana-themed weed chess set. This is a chess board that has exclusively been designed for the weed lovers and article collectors. It is equivalent to a piece of art that has been crafted keeping in mind the requirements of the end user. They are available both online and offline. For some websites, there is an age restriction and you can only place an order or join the forum if you are above 21 years of age. They take due care about this as because marijuana is not legal in many countries.

Also, the price of the chess boards various with respect to its end use and requirements. So let’s now look at some of the features of this unique chess board.

Features of Weed Chess Set Just as the name suggests this amusing weed-themed chess set comes with 32 pieces in the shapes of bongs, bowls, joints and pot leaves. Even the colour of the chess board is that of the colour of Cannabis.

Now enjoy the game of chess along with the refreshing design of the
pawns, king, queen etc.

The material of the Board:

The weed chess set come in various shapes and sizes. They are available in the variety of materials both online and of line. The boards that are available online are primarily for generic buyers who want to purchase the game for the sake of playing.

Most offline game boards are custom built to cater those buyers who want the chessboard as a collectible item. These are for the purpose of decorating the house as a showpiece. The chess boards that are made for the purpose of playing are generally made up of wood, fibre or plastic. They are light in weight and have the minimum too low finish.

The board, as well as the pieces, are made up of the same material. The pieces are designed in different shapes such as that of the bong, joint, pot and so on. This gives a feeling that all the elements related to weed and marijuana are near to us.

On the other hand, the chess boards that are built specifically for the purpose of a showpiece are generally made of wood, glass or marble. Other than that, various other materials may be used as per the customized order placed by the customers. They are unique in their design with special engravings on them as per the likes of the buyer.

Needless to say, these boards have flawless designs and finish quality. Also, they take longer in terms of the time required for their construction. Most of the manufactures deliver the finished product at your address with or sometimes without the additional delivery charges.

Cost of the Board:

Just as we saw, that there are two kinds of the chess board. One of them is for the purpose of playing and the other one is for the purpose of decoration and beautification of the home or office.

Similarly, the price attached to each of the types of chess boards is different. The prices may vary from a few dollars to some thousand dollars. In some cases, the additional postage and handling charges may have to be borne by the customer. This further adds up to the overall cost of the whole package.

A common weed chess set that comes with 32 pieces shaped in the form of different elements related to weed may cost you about $50 or so. If you are lucky enough to buy such asset from the backyard sale, then you may also get it about half the original price.

Before you make the purchase, always verify the number of pieces and any damage sustained by the chess board. The condition of the chess board greatly affects the price of the same. A custom-made board in mint condition may also go on an auction, increasing the price of the board manifolds.

If you are looking for a chess board for the purpose of decoration, then you must contact specialists who deliver custom-built chess boards. They are designers who emphasis on each and every detail of the various elements of the chess board and maintain the quality of the highest standard.

A custom-designed chess board will cost you more than $500 or so. These chess boards are primarily handcrafted; they are pieces of art whose sole purpose is to decorate the area.

With the changing design landscape, the possibilities of such unique ideas are endless. Maybe in near future, we may have Star Wars themed chess boards with the Jedi on one side and the Dark Lords on the other side. Sounds interesting right?