The Hamilton Khaki Action Code Breaker

This Christmas gift you’re loved once a Hamilton Khaki Action Code Breaker.

Christmas is the best time of the year. We all wait the entire year for this festival. Even thinking about it brings a smile on our faces and we are lost in the daydream.

Maybe it’s because all those fond memories that take us back to our childhood when Christmas was all about good food, new clothes and gifts from Santa Clause. Though as we grow up we realize that it was our loved one who prepared those exquisite gifts for us, but who cares until we are children at hearts we love to forget all the worries of our lives and create lots of new memories.

So, this Christmas, what do you plan to give your loved one? This is probably one of the highest selling watches from Hamilton and who knows it may already be on the wish list of your loves. You might be confused right now as to how to select unique gifts. How will they react to your gifts?

It’s ok to anticipate few of the possibilities, but what if we tell you that they will be both surprised as well as happy at the same time to receive the gift we are about to choose for you. Yes, we are here to help you select a gift that will be unique and pocket-friendly at the same time.

Well, have you started guessing yet? If yes, then we would like to start by giving you a few hints and then we will disclose the surprise. So are you ready? Let’s begin.

This thing has been around for ages. In fact, it is both a measure of a metric and the metric itself. It is a round, shiny object and is available in various shapes and sizes. You are well aware of how important it is to your daily lives.

Without it, we all will be haphazard in each and every task that we perform. Originally it was found in its analogue form but now it is also found in its digital version. It is your best friend at work, in the examination and also in your solo trips. Ok the last one, it has a face and a back as well. So let me ask
you, have you guessed what it might be.

Are you still thinking? So now let me disclose the secret gift that you all have been looking forward to. It is the watch.

Yes, here we are going to tell you about the new Hamilton Khaki Action Code Breaker. This is probably one of the highest selling watches from Hamilton and who knows it may already be on the wish list of your loves.

The Hamilton watches was founded in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1892. The pocket watch series of limited Broadway this watch tagged as “Watch of Railroad Accuracy,” to the world’s number one digital and powered battery featured the watch has packed up with various changes in its design.

The Hamilton watch has broken the records when it was provided in the US military during the World War II. Lauded for its accuracy, durability and style, this watch has already appeared on the wrists of big celebrities and embarked in pop-up culture too and movies of Hollywood blockbusters as “Blue Hawaii,” “Men in Black” and “Pearl Harbor.”

Here are some of the features of this beautiful watch:

1. Build– The Hamilton Khaki Action Code Breaker comes in a beautiful titanium case with rubber straps on both of its sides. The watch has been designed in the horizontal orientation and has a width of 38 mm (without
crown). The case length with lugs is about 43 mm and it has a thickness of about 12 mm. The case back comes in a screw-in sapphire crystal see-through frame that improves the visibility of the back of the watch. This American beauty comes with a brushed finish with sapphire crystal scratch resistant coating and has a water resistance capacity of about 50 m or 165 feet.

2. Colour– The Hamilton Khaki Action Code Breaker comes in only one colour, and that is Black. The watch has a black coloured dial along with titanium-coloured outer casing. The dial face consists of three hands that have a silver tone along with the luminescent effect. This gives the watch a classic look that is unique to this watch. The markings of the watch have been written in Arabic numerals with a silver tone to it. It comes fitted with black coloured rubber straps of width 29 mm and 8 inches in length.

The Double Folding Clasp with Push Button mechanism of the strap makes it easier for the user to easily put on and out of the watch at his
own convenience.

3. Operations– This watch works on the Swiss mechanical automatic (self-winding) technology which supports its smooth and precise movements. This watch is known for its accuracy and this accuracy is obtained from the advanced technology used in the construction of this watch. Built with
2671 calibres, this watch has 25 jewels fitted to its casing. Another additional feature of this watch is that it comes with the Screw-Down Crown; which further adds to its beautification. These watches are a piece
of art that has been crafted keeping in mind the requirements of the end user.

4. Warranty– The watch can be purchased both online as well as offline. But due to its high demand, most of the online pieces sold rapidly and a “sold out” sign is a common vision on these stores. The best place to buy this watch is from a Hamilton store outlet. These outlets keep the best and the latest watches with good packaging service. The company gives a warranty of 2 years, but rest assured these watches only need require cleaning and change of battery. Mostly all the components are covered in the warranty scheme and for any queries, you may call them up anytime. So now I think you might have got some idea for your Christmas gift.