Best Akai MPC that people just love

Most people around the world love the sounds of Akai MPC. Each day in the market, you’ll find a lot of samplers evolving but still a lot of people go for
the sounds of the Akai MPC . This is because most of the people love the Akai MPC sound which is of high quality.

The Akai MPC machine has been in existence for decades and has been used mostly by most of the professional hip hop artists. This machine will transform the hip hop music to great movements of sound. If you want to take your music to the next level then, you should go for the Akai MPC sounds.

A question you need to ask yourself is which is the best Akai MPC.

Mostly, you’ll get a lot of answers that will leave you a confused person. Mostly when you look at the internet , most individuals would talk about the MPC sounds they’ve used personally.

How do you choose the best Akai MPC

There are some factors that you’ll need to consider when you’re buying your MPC sampler such as:

  • Your budget
  • How you want to use your MPC either for your performances, studio,or both
  • The features that you’d prefer and which you don’t
  • The set up of your studio like analog, digital, or hybrid
  • The type of the studio you want such as the modern or the old school
  • The last vital point is the sound that you’d prefer

Below is a guide that will help you to come up with the best Akai MPC machine to enhance your music even more.

1. Akai MPC1000

The Akai MPC1000 was developed in 2003 and mostly you’ll find it in the market since it’s so popular. Are you searching for a popular, affordable and a portable MPC, then look no further this is the MPC you’ve been looking for. We can argue that this is the best MPC considering all of its features. Its small in size and easy to carry. This is the ideal MPC if you’re a starter
or if you’re serious about your music and can afford the MPC . Like most of MPC’S, you can opt to buy an external hard drive for storage since it has a small internal storage capacity. With this MPC the capabilities of sequencing are smooth and easy. You’ll be able to combine sounds, tracks , copy and paste easily and smoothly the works.

Its main features:

  • Has 16-bit linear WAV
  • Has a sample rate 44.1 KHz
  • Has 16 pressure and velocity sensitive pads
  • Has 2 filters Able to add one master effect and two general effects It is able to perform 64 tracks per sequence
  • Has MIDI capabilities If you’re a starter, performing live, producing music at home, want a MPC that you can easily carry, then this the MPC you should buy.

Why you should go for it: You can easily use it You can easily carry it and use it for live performances

Why you shouldn’t prefer it: Some people complain that its pads wear out pretty fast although you can always replace them.

How much will it cost you: The Akai MPC1000 is affordable and would cost you $ 499 and has 87 4 star ratings customer reviews.

2. Akai MPC2000/2000XL

It was developed in 1997 and it’s the best Akai MPC since it’s the first MPC sampler that you can easily use. People say that the MPC 2000 has a more digital sound and if you have the cash, this drum machine is worth the price.

If you’re looking for an MPC that is all inclusive then buy this MPC . This is an MPC that will be the heart beat of your music studio. It has the XL version which was developed in 1999 and puts in more features to Akai MPC2000 and this enhances it even more. It has a software that is more friendly if you’re using it. This MPC has been used by some of the famous producers in the world like Kanye West, DJ Shadow, and RJD2. They were able to work with it and so you can.

Its main features:

  • Has a sample rate of 44.1 KHz
  • Has 16-bit and it is able to total up to 4 effects
  • Has a note capacity sequence of 300,000 Enhances MIDI controlling
  • Has velocity sensitive- pressure pads

Why you should go for it: You can easily use it since its sequencing capacity is more friendly. Will give you a middle noted sound You can get a used MPC2000/2000XL at a cheap price

Why you shouldn’t go for it: You cannot use it as a sequencer or midi supplement for your computer since it has a lot of features and you can only use it on a production house which operates independently.

How much will it cost you: You can get used Akai MPC2000/2000XL which are on offer and you would  purchase them at $750 and has 4 3 star ratings customer reviews.

3.Akai MPC2500

This is the best Akai MPC since you can easily use it and has a software that has more power similar to MPC1000. This why most people prefer it on the market. It is easier to use since it doesn’t have some menus and buttons. If you have the money you can get one instead of going for some Akai expensive models that have features that aren’t necessary.

Its main features:

  • Has double on-board effects processors
  • Has 4 Q-link controllers
  • Has ten analog outputs
  • Has a USB port It can support up to 2GB card
  • Has an external hard drive and you can choose its capacity

Why you should go for it: It is easy to use since you can combine it with JJ OS More advanced than the Akai MPC2000XL If you’re a serious artiste consider MPC2500 since it is more professional compared with other expensive models.

Why you shouldn’t go for it: Considering its features and capabilities its price is too high

How much will it cost you: You can get a used MPC2500 at a price of $945 and has 5 4 star ratings customer reviews.