VholdR ContourHD Records Straight From the Head

That indie nosebone + stalefish you’ve been working on is no good if you can’t save it for posterity. But who would actually want to record that video for you? Luckily, VholdR has the solution with its ContourHD helmet cam, apparently the world’s first wearable HD camera. Just strap it on to the safety helmet … Read moreVholdR ContourHD Records Straight From the Head

Snuggle From Afar With Mutsugoto

Though the biggest downside to a long-distance relationship will probably differ depending on which partner you ask, sleeping alone is a definite downer. Mutsugoto provides a solution, albeit one that requires a bit of imagination. Each partner wears a special ring and installs a camera above the bed. A computer system records the ring’s movement … Read moreSnuggle From Afar With Mutsugoto

TechCrunch Tablet Leaked, Own Medicine Administered

Call me a curmudgeon, but when a technology blog makes its own tech products, isn’t that a conflict of interest for covering competitors? Either way, TechCrunch is getting a feel for its subjects’ woes now that photos of the prototype TechCrunch Tablet are in the wild. Gizmodo spotted a photo from founder Michael Arrington’s posterous account, and … Read moreTechCrunch Tablet Leaked, Own Medicine Administered