Monsterpod Tripod Sticks to Anything

Marketed as “Definitive Proof of Alien Intelligence,” the viscoelastic polymer-based Monsterpod sticks to over 1,000 surfaces for framing your camera in almost any position.  Yes, you amateur pornographers read that right.  It even clings to upside-down surfaces, and will bend and mold without moving the tripod position.  When you’re finished, it should peel right off … Read moreMonsterpod Tripod Sticks to Anything

Our Bionic Future: 5 Amazing Revolutions in Biotech

  Though the term “Bionics” conjures an image of futuristic cyborgs and questionable ethics, it’s actually a pretty benevolent science. From better prosthetics to the restoration of once-irreplaceable body parts, Bionics are, for the most part, here to help. And it gets better every year, with yesterday’s advancements becoming either reality or obsolete in the … Read moreOur Bionic Future: 5 Amazing Revolutions in Biotech

5 Video Game Franchises That Need to Die (and 5 to Replace Them)

The video game industry was never one for graceful exits. Publishers tend to immediately franchise their best games, putting them on a two-year production cycle until the cash runs out, then sending them off to a tragic end at the glue factory. For the sake of decency, we’re dreaming of five titles that should exit, … Read more5 Video Game Franchises That Need to Die (and 5 to Replace Them)

SMELLIT Stinks Up Your Home Theater

Does watching TV leave your sense of smell feeling neglected? Or perhaps your own couch potato-induced stank isn’t satisfactory enough for a truly immersive TV watching experience.  If you’re nodding “yes,” hope that designer Nuno Teixeira’s SMELLIT concept finds a way to market. The device uses DVD information to trigger one of its 118 aroma … Read moreSMELLIT Stinks Up Your Home Theater

Soundshelf: Shelf Speakers Turn Speaker Shelves

Usually CDs and DVDs don’t mix with your speakers until you hit play. An interesting new home audio design concept out of Poland could change all that. Designers Witek Stefaniak and Anielka Zdanowicz crafted the Soundshelf, a working stereo speaker that doubles as a CD/DVD shelf. Wall and tower shelves provide two useful options. Simple yet smart, the Soundshelf … Read moreSoundshelf: Shelf Speakers Turn Speaker Shelves

Busted: 10 Awesome Technology-Assisted Police Cases

With all due respect to crime solvers around the world, sometimes a badge and a quick wit aren’t enough to sniff out lawbreakers. Sometimes you’ve got to rely on the stuff we at GearCrave obsess over – computers, gadgets and the latest scientific advances. Move over, Greatest Police Chases; here are the greatest moments in … Read moreBusted: 10 Awesome Technology-Assisted Police Cases

Fujitsu trying out its new color newspapers in Japan

Fujitsu is trying out its new color newspaper FLEPia in restaurants in Tokyo. The newspaper uses color e-paper to display news for customers. When the device isn’t in use it displays ads for customers who are sitting at a table with it. The device only uses power when the images on the screen are being changed, so it isn’t a huge power users and only has to be charged overnight when the store it’s sitting in is presumably not open. The papers are getting a trial run through the end of the week in Tokyo to see how they do, and we imagine that they work fantastically. Would you read an electronic newspaper while enjoying your coffee in the morning? We think so. [via SlashGear]