TechCrunch Tablet Leaked, Own Medicine Administered

Call me a curmudgeon, but when a technology blog makes its own tech products, isn’t that a conflict of interest for covering competitors? Either way, TechCrunch is getting a feel for its subjects’ woes now that photos of the prototype TechCrunch Tablet are in the wild. Gizmodo spotted a photo from founder Michael Arrington’s posterous account, and CrunchGear in turn released a set of new photos. This is still a prototype, with a 12-inch capacitive touch screen and Intel Atom processor. Earlier reports on the prototype pegged it with 1 GB of RAM and a 4 GB flash drive running Ubuntu, but no word on whether those specs remain accurate. More details are coming next week. In CrunchGear’s comments section, Arrington said “it certainly isn’t pat ourselves on the back time.” [via CrunchGear]