SmartSwitch Makes Wasting Energy More Difficult

Wasted energy is bad for your wallet, bad for the environment and bad for our future. And yet, it’s just so easy to switch a light on, forget all about it, walk to the next room, switch that light on, turn on the TV, walk to the kitchen to make a snack, leave another light on, and so on. Before you know it you have 4 lights chowing down those kilowatt hours and you’re not actually using any of them.

What if it were a little more difficult to waste energy? Maybe you’d actually shut one light off before turning the next one on? That’s the simple logic behind the SmartSwitch, designed by Peter Russo and Brendan Wypich of Stanford University. The switch is literally harder to flip when power consumption is high, giving a quick tactile reminder to shut off some lights and appliances. When household consumption is low, it flips like a regular light switch. The switch can even be custom configured to reflect your own consumption goals. Simple, innovative solution to a widespread problem. I’d imagine this could pay for itself in no time at all.   [Slash Gear via Slippery Brick]