The Bentley Laptop by Ego

If you’re a Bentley fan and have $20k to drop on a netbook, this is going to excite you.  The Bentley Laptop by Ego Lifestyle spares no expense in its construction, with a top quality leather and bold, shiny chrome exterior.  Its guts really ain’t anything to get lusty about, it features an unnamed AMD 64 chipset, 2GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive with a 12.1″ display.  If $20k is a bit too steep for you but you really, really want one– I’ll personally make you one.  I’ll steal a Bentley hood ornament and glue it on an EEE PC for $5k.  Hell, $2k.  [ego via plunderguide]

Black and Decker Lights Out Auto Switch

Let your presence control the lighting, not a light switch.  When you enter a room, the lights can turn on for you– as well as turning off when they leave.  The Lights Out AutoSwitch covers any standard light switch-no wiring required-and integrates a simple motion sensor that turns lights on when needed. Imagine if everyone decided to use one of these on every light switch at home. What a difference it would make. Not only would you be going green, but you would be saving some green as well.  [$TBA at blackanddecker]

Transfer DVDs To An iPod Without a Computer

1 Transfer DVDs To An iPod Without a Computer1 Transfer DVDs To An iPod Without a Computer

Actually, with the iRecorder you can convert any video playing on your TV to an iPod friendly MPEG4 file. Simply plug the iRecorder into your TV and your portable media player and sit back while it compresses your movie and uploads it to your device. From cable, set top box, satellite receiver box, DVD or even a camcorder you can enjoy all your video on the go. To give you an example, a normal 2 hour DVD will be turned into a 2GB MPEG4 file with no fuss. Pick one up for about $190. [via Unplggd]

Suck It OPEC: 13 Amazing Gasoline-Free Supercars

For the first time in U.S. history, we spend more on foreign oil than we do on our own defense budget.  While most of the world is strugging at the gas pump, the fat cats behind OPEC are lining their pockets.  Fortunately, there is a way to fight back– and fight back in style.  If you want to give the middle finger to the Chavez’s, the Achmedinejad’s and the Bin Laden’s of the world, do so by never filling your tank with gasoline again.  Get yourself one of these 13 amazing supercars that will liberate you from that evil gas pump.

The Lightning GTS

What goes from zero to sixty in four seconds without a single drop of gasoline?  You’re looking at it.  The Lightning GTS by Lightning Car Company of England is an all-electric sports car with plenty of battery-powered get-up-and-go.  Its 700hp electric motor system makes for lightning-fast acceleration that climbs to a top speed of over 130mph.  Some may argue that its not a supercar if it can’t exceed 200mph, but in the time it takes them to explain that, the Lightning will have already circled the race track…  Save your pennies, the Lightning GTS won’t strike for less than $100k.

The Shelby Supercars Ultimate Aero EV

Not only is the SSC Ultimate Aero EV the fastest electric car on our list, its also the electric version of the fastest production car in the world.  The Ultimate Aero EV runs on twin 500hp motors that will push this aerodynamic street beast to 60mph in 2.78 seconds before topping out at 257mph.  Wow.  The best part?  You’ll never spend a dime at the gas pump on this one.  Get behind the wheel of the Aero EV, you’ll best any other street-legal gas guzzler on the road today.

The Ronn Motors Scorpion

This Scorpion doesn’t sting with gas, but an HHO hydrogen engine.  The Ronn Motors Scorpion is powered by a hydrogen fuel-injection system, providing 40 miles per gallon of liquid hydrogen.  The stock Scorpion will feature an Acura V-tec V6 engine with 300hp, up to 450hp with the twin-turbo option.  While the goal of the Scorpion is to prove the HFI concept, it will pave the way for fuel cell vehicles and other hydro-powered options in the future.

The Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid

Technically, as a plug-in hybrid, this vehicle does use gasoline– but only as an option.  The Fisker Karma can run for up to 50 miles on its battery alone before firing up the internal combustion engine.  If you don’t often leave the city, that means you won’t ever have to stop by a gas station, just charge it in your garage.  GearCrave interviewed the Fisker Karma’s creator back in May, you can learn plenty more about the Karma from Henrik Fisker himself.

The Tesla Roadster

The Tesla Roadster is likely the most popular electric car on this list.  Why?  Its in production now, with a few already on the road.  Being first is always the best when it comes to technology, and as a result the Tesla Roadster has received press hype by the metric ton.  Tesla’s Roadster hits sixty mph in 3.9 seconds, will run for 244 miles on a single charge.  The result is a supercar that uses zero gasoline and will run for just pennies per mile…

The All Electric RUF Porsche 911

This electric supercar should look familiar…  On the outside, this Electric RUF Porsche 911features an unmodified Porsche 911 body– but under the hood, this beast is all electric.  It may not be as speedy as its gas-powered counterpart, but the RUF electric version will hit 60mph in seven seconds with a top speed of 160mph.  Between charges, the RUF Electric 911 has a range of 180 miles, allowing for a nice weekend-long escape from the city.

The Liberty Electric Range Rover

Like the RUF 911 above, the Liberty Electric Range Rover is identical to a standard Range Rover but with an electric spirit.  Oh yeah, and the price is a bit different, too.  A Range Rover will cost you around $80k at your local dealer, but a Liberty Electric Range Rover will start at $187k.  If you’re a lover of Range Rovers and desire an electric version, that price might justify itself.  Otherwise, we’re happy to steal a Range Rover tag and plop it on a Chevy Volt for you for a few grand.  Will that work?

The Aptera Typ-1

Certainly the most progressively designed of these electric supercars, the Aptera Typ-1 is a shot right out of the future.  This three-wheeled electro-pod comes in a pure battery version and a plug-in hybrid, running on battery power for its first 100 miles.  The best part?  The Aptera Typ-1 is expected to sell for around $30,000 starting in 2009.  Its street-legal in California with many other states to follow.  When the Chevy Volt hits in 2011, we’re hoping the Aptera is around to give it some price competition…

The Pininfarina B0 Concept

Having debuted at this year’s Paris Motor Show in, well, Paris, Pininfarina’s B0 concept is an affordable Euro-style electric car for the masses.  The B0 features some pretty ground-breaking generation technologies to supplement the standard plug charge.  Its grille and roof include an array of solar panels, and its wheels are equipped with regenerative breaking systems, using the inertia of breaking to generate electricity.  The B0 promises a 153 mile range from a single charge with a top speed of 80mph.

The Mindset Six50 Plug-in Electric Hybrid

This futuristic hatchback is a plug-in hybrid in the style of the Aptera Typ-1 and the Fisker Karma.  The Mindset Six50 runs on its batteries for the first 62 miles of a trip before a small, 24hp combustion engine kicks in.  Don’t let that tiny number fool you– the Mindset Six50 is slated to hit 60mph in six seconds.  Production models of the Six50 are due in 2009, pricing details are still under wraps…

Bonus: The Koenigsegg CCXR Flex

While this supercar ain’t battery-powered, it does come in an OPEC-free version.  The Koenigsegg CCXR features an 806hp V8 that will hit sixty in 3.1 seconds running on ethanol or methanol (or gas if you really want to, sinner).  The CCXR has a flex-fuel engine, allowing it to run on any blend of a range of fuels.  Since there are E85 pumps all over the country, you can power this supercar on waste corn, algae biofuel or even cellulosic ethanol.

Yet Another Bonus: the Mazda Furai Concept

Like the Koenigsegg CCXR, Mazda’s Furai Concept is a Japanese middle finger to OPEC.  This one, however, doesn’t run on a mix of fuels, only pure E100 ethanol.  By its nature, ethanol is a higher performance fuel, allowing for higher octane and better power output.  While the Furai is only a racetrack concept, we’re hoping Mazda leans in this direction for some of their forthcoming sports models…

FInally, the 2011 Chevrolet Volt

Supercar?  Maybe not by the standard definition, but the 2011 Chevy Volt is more than super in our eyes.  The best of both worlds, the 2011 Chevrolet Volt features an electric motor and a flex fuel hybrid combustion engine.  In other words, you can drive the Volt for up to 40 miles without a drop of fuel, but once you hit mile 41 you can run this baby on ethanol, methanol or any mix thereof.  It truly is the car of the future of the masses, a piece of technology that has our blood pounding.  If it were between this and any other domestically produced car, we’d take a Chevy Volt in a heartbeat…

Thanks for reading!  Did we miss a petroleum-free supercar that you think we should include?  Let us know!

GPS-Enabled NavJacket by O’Neil Europe

O’Neil Europe has announced the NavJacket. This is a Gore-Tex mountain jacket with an integrated GPS system built in; you can check your coordinates with a display sewn into the sleeve, and you get audio instructions through a speaker in the hood. You also get weather details, route data, and there’s an interface to connect your mobile phone. A friend locator function lets you track others down or take the same route. The NavJacket is a skier and snowboarder’s dream come true, scheduled for release in Fall/Winter 2008.

SureFire UA2 Optimus Flashlight

The police have a new weapon in law enforcement.  No, this isn’t a new type of tazer, stun gun or photon popper– this is the ultimate in high-powered flashlights.  The SureFire UA2 Optimus flashlight is a rugged LED system with a wide range of control over its flame.  If you’re checking IDs or pupils, this flashlight can put out as little as 2 lumens.  If you’re looking to stun criminals from hundreds of feet away, you can flash 200 lumens in the eyes of your adversaries.  The microprocessor controlled, nearly indestructable LEDs can not only put out unparalleled power, they can be switched to pulsing SOS mode or a strobe flash mode.  While it was designed for police in mind, there’s no reason GearCravers can’t harness this level of candle power…

PreOrder: $279

The OLO: an iPhone-Powered Netbook

After the initial surprise of the iPhone died down, after every other smartphone maker got in line behind it, it was realized by many just how powerful the iPhone can be.  The iPhone has enough processing power to stand on its own as a netbook/UMPC– but its still just a phone, no bigger than the average smartphone.  The people at OLO Computer have devised a dock for the iPhone which turns it into a full-size netbook.  The OLO uses the iPhone as the processor for a standard size netbook, including a full-size keyboard and display.  Details on the OLO will be officially released today, we’ll come back to update you.  Let’s hope Apple doesn’t burst OLO’s bubble with their own press release tomorrow…  Whether or not the OLO will see the light of day, it certainly is a cool concept.  [olo-computer via gizmodo]

Terrorize Your Coworkers: the Kill Time Gun Mug

We can’t quite place it, but apparently there are a whole lot of product designers with some serious vendettas.  In GearCrave’s recent history, we’ve seen Brass Knuckle Umbrellas and Brass Knuckle Coffee Cups, now guns merged with coffee cups.  The Kill Time Gun Mug is the latest and greatest in design defense for the modern day working man (or woman).  The next time your boss is being a little bitch, pick up your Kill Time mug and aim it at their crotch.  “Ask yourself this, boss– do you feel lucky?”

Buy: $15

Giveaway: ThreadLess and Timbuk2 Messenger Bags

threadless and timbuk2

Update– and the winners are: GearCrave readers Mike Coutermarsh, Logan and Eric.

Starsky and Hutch, peanut butter and jelly, treble and bass– every once in a while two forces come together to make beautiful, sweet music. Knowing how much we love ThreadLess and Timbuk2 here at GearCrave, you could imagine how pumped we were when we heard a rumor that the two might be collaborating. Sure enough, ThreadLess and Timbuk2 have joined forces and are releasing three limited edition messenger bags with classic ThreadLess prints. You read that right– the greatest name in t-shirts and the best in messenger bags are making three short run bags together. Continue reading, GearCravers, to learn about these limited edition bags, the matching shirts from ThreadLess and how you can win one of the three bags above for free from ThreadLess, Timbuk2 and GearCrave.

About Timbuk2 Messenger Bags

While Threadless is widely known by most of you, Timbuk2 may be a little less recognizable. This San Francisco-based messenger bag company has a cult following in urban cyclist circles, yet their appeal is quickly crossing over to the pedestrian world. Their bags are stylish, durable, waterproof and most importantly– customizable. On the Timbuk2 website, you can create your own personal bag by selecting its style, fabrics, colors, reflective tags and more. It is from this “created by you” philosophy that makes a collaboration with ThreadLess such a brilliant idea.

There are 200 of each bag available in this limited edition run. The lovely people at Timbuk2 reached out to GearCrave this week to offer one of each as a giveaway to GearCrave readers. Continue reading to learn about each bag in the ThreadLess/Timbuk2 line, plus how three lucky readers can win one for free from GearCrave, ThreadLess and Timbuk2.

The GlueKit “True Love” Messenger Bag and T-shirt

true love gluekit messenger bag

New England-based design team GlueKit pieced together their design for True Love by using “a lot of standard Gluekit themes and tokens: cuteness, rainbows, mock striped pins, hand type banners, adhesive strips, drips, hearts, and brick walls.” Their fresh, poppy designs look as good on the Timbuk2 bag as they do on a screenprinted t-shirt. If you’re using the True Love messenger bag for its intended purpose, you’ll be noticed by every car on the road. If you’re using it solely for style, you can expect the same effect from passers by. Check out the product page for the messenger bag, then match it with the t-shirt from Threadless.

Buy: $150

The Julia Heglund “Believe It” Messenger Bag and T-shirt

julia heglund believe it

Julia Sonmi Heglund has a style of her own, taking inspiration from childhood curiosity, mythic iconography and a profound sense of detail. Take a close look at her work for the “Believe It” bag and t-shirt, you’ll see that her artwork tells quite a story on its own. With that, it was easy for the ThreadLess community to vote this one to print, and just as easy for Threadless and Timbuk2 to select it for their first line of messenger bags. Check this one out on the Timbuk2 product page, as well as the matching t-shirt.

Buy: $130

The Robert Hardgrave Gossamer Messenger Bag and T-shirt

robert gossamer hardgrave

Robert Hardgrave’s work takes a deep inspiration from disease and recovery, as they “reflect ideas of reincarnation and the richness of life beyond death.” The “Gossamer” design is full of these elements, appearing as a symbolic collage of the designer’s life experience. Check out the detail of this design at ThreadLess, and more about this messenger bag on the Timbuk2 product page.

Buy: $150

The GT by Citroen: the Virtual Crossove

If you’re one of the millions that owns a copy of Gran Turismo 5 for the PS3, you’re going to love this one…  In a surprise move by this French automaker, Citroen has revealed this virtual machine as a real world concept car today at the Paris Auto Show.  A joint venture with the makers of Gran Turismo, the GTbyCitroen is expected to hit 62mph from zero in just 3.6 seconds.  The GT achieves this from a hybrid combustion/fuel cell engine with a total of 752 horses.  We’re guessing the GTbyCitroen will never see the light of day as far as production, but with the release of this concept, we can at least hope and pray.  Feel free to drool on the photos below, we’ve been doing so all morning. [via autoblog]

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