ctrl alt delete cups msp1 Mod Design CTRL ALT DELETE Cupsctrl alt delete cups msp1 Mod Design CTRL ALT DELETE Cups

The holy trinity of PC computing keys, CTRL, ALT and DEL have made their way from geeky anecdotes all the way to modern-inspired kitchenware.  The CTRL-ALT-DELETE Cups were recently revealed by Mod Design at the Maison-Objet design show in Paris, France.  Our friends over at Technabob spotted these cups, we had to share them with you.  Head on over to Technabob to see more about these sweet keyboard-inspired ceramic cups.  Otherwise, stick around to see what else is going on with our link friends…

  • Want to see something sweet?  Here’s a bunch of people getting punched in slow motion. [asylum]
  • If that didn’t do it for you, this will– safe for work porn! [afrojacks]
  • Modern prefab fans will enjoy this shipping container prefab, one of the best we’ve seen yet. [freshome]
  • These colored LED lamps are a cool, geeky fit for just about any space in your home. [coolest-gadgets]
  • Synth specialists KORG have made some killer new USB-powered music controllers. [unplggd]

The Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa

The Chesterfield Sofa has become a staple of modern furniture, taking Victorian inspiration to modern design.  They’re not too hard to find, and a bit pricey, but a statement for any stylish mod room.  We just came across the coolest spin on the classic Chesterfield– get this, an Inflatable Chesterfield Sofa.  Two words:  Bad Ass.  The inflatable Chesterfield uses PVC vinyl to inflate to just under five feet wide by under three feet high.  Just don’t smoke around the damn thing.  We don’t want your lovely new Chesterfield to pop with you sitting on it…

Buy: $620

The Planika Coffee Fire Long Table

glassfire gf 160 arrangement The Planika Coffee Fire Long Tableglassfire gf 160 arrangement The Planika Coffee Fire Long Table

Back in early August, we covered a small indoor fireplace called the Ponton Fireplace.  Planika Fires uses that same technology but builds it into common furniture or wall units like fireplaces or coffee tables.  This example, the Planika Coffee Fire Long table, is our own personal favorite.  This coffee table features an inset cool-burning fireplace with a natural oak veneer and aluminum legs.  All Planika fireplaces burn clean and smokeless, leaving no trace of soot residue on your sofa, ceiling and otherwise.  For city dwellers, a fireplace can be tough to find– this way you can bring the fireplace to you.

Buy: $TBA

Little Factory Uppercase Scarf

uppercase scarf

Designers and fontaholics will find no better way of staying warm this Autumn.  Perhaps a scarf without holes in it might perform a little better, but it will look nowhere near as stylish as the Little Factory Uppercase Scarf.  This sans serif scarf is a word-jumble for your neck, a crossword puzzle of cool.  The Uppercase Scarf is made of laser-cut microfiber suede, and what looks like it might be Arial Bold?  Designer readers, take your guess on that font!

Buy: $52

Mastermind Japan x Core Jewels Skull Rings

The skull is a symbol diverse in both cultural ideology and personal meaning.  Our friends at Mastermind Japan have joined up with Core Jewels to create a new line of jewelry continuing humanity’s obsession with its own mortality.  The Mastermind Japan x Core Jewels Skull Rings are brilliant, angular and studded with precious gems like crisp diamonds and midnight onyx.  They’re street, they’re flash, they’re modern and meaningful.  They’re also pricey– but for the post-punk-ceo, they’re now on your radar. [thanks hypebeast]

Buy: from $5,900

Force Dynamics 301 Driving Simulation System


If you try to play Gran Turismo on your sofa after playing it on this, you’re likely in for a tough bout of depression.  The Force Dynamics 301 Driving Simulation System is a wildly motive racing sim cockpit that mirrors your in-game movement with related movements externally.  We’ve seen this on the web a few times, but wanted to be sure you haven’t missed it.  You’ve truly got to see it to believe it, so check out this youtube vid of the 301 in action.  (And for a laugh, Jalopnik featured a guy playing Mario Kart on this baby back in April.  This guy sucks at Mario Kart, too.)

Buy: ~$15,000

Electronic SmartShopper Grocery List Maker

I usually get to the grocery store only to forget what I needed in the first place. But with the Electronic SmartShopper Grocery List Maker, I don’t have to worry about it. Simply say what you want and the SmartShopper does the rest — records it and prints it out, even dividing products up by their sections in the store! If I want some zucchini, I tell the SmartShopper “zucchini” and it will place it on my list under “Fresh Produce.” What a genious, this SmartShopper. Now there’s no need to spend half an hour looking through cupboards, pantries and fridges to see what’s needed.

Buy: $150.

Girl of the Week: Shannyn Sossamon

shannyn sossamon

Helen of Troy was said to have a “face that could launch a thousand ships”.  While our Girl of the Week for this week didn’t cause the Trojan War, she could certainly give Helen a run for her money.  Actress, DJ and model Shannyn Sossamon is a timeless favorite of your GearCrave editor, with my own fascination beginning from her first broadcast appearance (gratefully captured by youtube).  She’s starred in a long collection of thriller b-movies, romantic comedies and cameos.  While she’s not yet hit a-list roles, we’re still happy having her as our own little secret.  Want to see more?  Continue reading after the jump…

shannyn sossamon headshot <img class=”alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-3483″ title=”shannyn-sossamon_2_msp_07022008″ src=”×150.jpg” alt=”shannyn sossamon

Denali 5-Piece Outdoor Utility and Emergency Kit

Ion, the makers of all things that convert classic media to digital form, has thrown us a curve-ball we didn’t expect.  Ion has released a Slide to PC converter, a system which converts your slides and even film to the digital image format of your choice.  What to do with all that vintage slide porn you found in grandpa’s attic?  You’re looking at the answer.  Seriously, we can only speculate about what Ion will release next.  A USB food-to-pc converter?  Digitize this. [thanks acquiremag]

Buy: $TBA

Girl of the Week: Kim Cloutier

kim cloutier mps 1 Girl of the Week: Kim Cloutier

GearCrave’s favorite, French-fluent flavor-of-the-week is none other than Montreal’s own Kim Cloutier.  Save for her stunning work in print, little is known about Miss Cloutier.  She’s 21-years-old, born in Montreal, Canada where she works for the Next modeling agency as a rising star.  She’s made a few covers in her budding career, but we feel that her star has not yet peaked.  Why, do you ask?  Continue reading after the break for nine very good reasons…