GearCrave Giveaway: (5 x $50!)

Last Monday, we discovered a new retailer that quickly became a GearCrave favorite.  If you visited us last week, you likely either saw the pitch black playing cards or the kill time gun mug, both of which received a whole lot of attention.  These and many more come from our new friends at, a fresh modern design retailer … Read moreGearCrave Giveaway: (5 x $50!)

The Best of Modern Prefab: Michelle Kaufman’s GlideHouse

As GearCrave continues to explore the best in modern prefab, it is inevitable that we share the works of architect Michelle Kaufman.  Her designs are well known in the prefab industry, namely her GlideHouse and BreezeHouse projects.  To discuss the former of the two, the GlideHouse, we sat down with Michelle Kaufman for an interview.  Continue reading, GearCravers, to learn … Read moreThe Best of Modern Prefab: Michelle Kaufman’s GlideHouse

Goody Gram’s Pitch Black Playing Cards

black playing cardsblack playing cards

Deal yourself a cool hand, as bold as black with these playing cards from Goody Gram’s and MollaSpace.  Both the ink and the cards it is printed on are shades of black, making a slick set of 52 that is ready for your next poker night.  The face cards include some killer designs, very much in the vein of a Frank Miller graphic novel.  Now all you need are some grey scale poker chips and some fresh blood poker players, you’re in for a dark poker knight in which to make a killing…

Buy: $16

Local River Plant Aquarium

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has a high fashion way of dealing with the global food crisis. His “Local River” Plant Aquarium is part fish hatchery, part vegetable garden, part modernist marvel. This refrigerated aquarium breeds freshwater fish and vegetables, where the development of both creates a symbiotic environment. The vegetables strip minerals and nitrates from the water, … Read moreLocal River Plant Aquarium

The Good Book Says “Bottoms Up!”

The “Good Book” flask– It’s a hardcover book espousing all the family values you hold dear. No, it’s a Bond-style hiding place for your favorite liquid vice. This four-ounce, stainless steel flask is perfect for what the Scottish call “nippie sweeties”. Stash your favorite whiskey in this baby, confident you have a ready-made secret place … Read moreThe Good Book Says “Bottoms Up!”