Friday ThinkGeek Pick: Coolshooters Ice Shot Glass Maker


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You’re looking at the coolest shot glasses you’ll ever see, as made by the Coolshooters Ice Shot Glass Maker. Fill this tray with water, pop it in the freezer and you’ve got four shot glasses made of ice, ready for your favorite cocktail. When you’re done, don’t worry about cleaning them, just toss them in the sink. For the advanced drinker, choose a juice or other beverage instead of water to make these shot glasses. They’ll then become the perfect compliment to your shot and even a flavored ice cube for your cocktail. Enjoy, GearCravers, but in moderation of course…

Buy: $7.99

Motif Starburst Modern Wall Clock

This large bronzed burst of time is aching for a place on your wall. With older yet contemporary elements borrowing from early futurism and natural growth, the Starburst Wall Clock at Motif is well suited to any room with nature tones. The wooden fingers of the Starburst clock reach outward, creating an explosive faceplate for this modern timepiece. Should your modern home environment need more organic accents, the Motif Starburst Wall Clock is a great fit.

Buy: $159

Tomita Designs Gingko Light Coffee Table

tomita designs gingko light table

Designer Ken Tomita fuses sustainable materials with fresh, wild designs inspired by classic Japanese architecture. Often employing bamboo ply in his works, Tomita considers his furniture “sustainable sculptures”. The Tomita Designs Gingko Light Coffee Table is the gem of his recent collection, a brilliant two-tiered coffee table that shares a root with the Noguchi coffee table, yet this one uses sustainable, eco-friendly materials instead of the washed wood and glass of the noguchi. You won’t find these at your local modern furniture boutique just yet, but if you’ve got the paper to spend- we suggest sending Ken himself an email…

Buy: $TBD

Gas Powered Party Blender (2 Stroke Engine)

It may not look pretty, but hell– this thing ain’t meant to look pretty.  Its meant to rip through ice cubes, mint leaves, liquor and sugar to make the ultimate gas-powered man mohito.  This Gas Powered Party Blender uses a 43cc 2-stroke engine, motorcycle handlebars and a solid metal frame to run an 85 oz. stainless steel blender.  With just the twist of a wrist, you’re churning up cocktails with the power of a minibike, the growl of a chain saw.  Just for fun, you can take your better half’s cutesy little blender and toss that sucker into this one.  Will it blend?

Buy: $275

Beer of the Week: Bell’s Third Coast Beer

A few weeks back, we honored Bell’s Oberon as our Beer of the Week. Bell’s Brewery fans who have gone beyond the Oberon flagship have likely tried– and loved– Bell’s Third Coast Beer, this week’s Beer of the Week. Third Coast Beer is an American blonde ale with a sweet, citrus and malty flavor with a hoppy finish. Like most blonde ales, Third Coast is very drinkable, you’ll be on your third before you know it. Bell’s Third Coast is a great warm weather beer, and that warm weather is on us like sweat on a beer bottle. Unlike Oberon, Third Coast may be a bit harder to find– so call your local liquor superstore and ask about Bell’s Third Coast Beer.

Studio Kleefstra “Bettina” Ping Pong Ball Lamp

What do you get when you cross 315 ping pong balls and an incandescent light bulb? What sounds like a joke is actually the recipe for a stunning work of modern lighting by Studio Kleefstra in the Netherlands. The “Bettina” Ping Pong Ball Lamp is a cylindrical design of 7 rows of ping pong balls, aligned to form the shade of a modern lamp. The look is fascinating, the concept is as simple as it gets. Put those together, the result is a great progressive lamp for your living room, dining environment or office meeting room. Check out more iterations of the ping pong ball lighting concept from Studio Kleefstra at the buy link below.

Buy: $613.40



JBL Control NOW Speakers

When JBL speaks, the audience listens. The long-time manufacturer of professional live audio systems has a strong influence over consumer audio. Their latest release, the Control NOW indoor/outdoor systems, continue this trend. The Control NOW systems are designed to fit in a wide range of applications, employing a tubular 90 degree body that can fit in the corners of your room, between walls, floors and ceilings. From an acoustic perspective, this is fundamentally smart. Lower frequency sounds tend to accumulate and blur where walls meet– to counter this, the JBL Control NOW systems force sound in the opposite direction. The result is a crystal clear sonic reproduction with a versatile range of application. The Control NOW systems are built for both indoor and outdoor use, and they’re certainly worth considering for the audio environment in your home.

Genelec 6010A Desktop Audio Monitors

genelec 6010 desktop monitors msp Genelec 6010A Desktop Audio Monitors

In a different life, your GearCrave editor spent many, many hours mixing down albums on a pair of lovely Genelec studio monitors.  While I was never able to get a pair in my home studio (they’re, uh, pricey), I loved working with Genelecs.  The reproduction is so faithful, so sharp, so balanced that you hear the sound from your subject as if you were actually there listening to it.  When I saw the news that Genelec had released new desktop audio monitors for consumers, I flipped.  I can finally own a pair of studio masterpieces for my home listening environment.  It’s time for me to dust off my old records and rip them to my pc– these Genelec 6010A Desktop Audio Monitors should give them a pristine new life in my ears. [via Unplggd]

Buy: ~$340