Sentio Digital Tactile Watch

The coolest watch you’ll see today will be invisible to its wearers. This beautiful, thick metal watch is not intended to be seen, but felt. The Sentio Digital Tactile Watch displays time with 1mm raised metal pieces that represent a standard digital display, but are not illuminated. The wearer touches the watch face with his/her fingertips, feeling the time … Read moreSentio Digital Tactile Watch

GearCrave Giveaway: Obaku Harmony Watches!

We love our watches at GearCrave. Naturally, we were quite excited when watchmaker Obakureached out to us to introduce their new line of watches. Obaku’s Harmony watches are inspired by early Asian philosophy and designed by the Danish design duo of Lau LiengÃ¥rd Ruge and Christian Mikkelsen. The Harmony line ranges from classic, minimal pieces to … Read moreGearCrave Giveaway: Obaku Harmony Watches!

GearCrave Giveaway: Indiana Jones Adventure Collection Box Set

Update: Don’t miss the GearCrave interview with Dr. Indiana Jones! If you haven’t heard the Jones hype yet, its likely you’re purposely avoiding it– or you’re Amish. Its no surprise that we’ve caught the Indiana Jones bug here on GearCrave. With the films release just one week away, the press buzz has caught a fever pitch. If you’re … Read moreGearCrave Giveaway: Indiana Jones Adventure Collection Box Set

1961 Ferrari 250 GT: World’s Most Expensive Car

Last week, we asked you which car you would prefer: the new 2009 Ferrari California GT, or the classic 1961 Ferrari 250 GT.  65% of you opted for the classic, shown above.  Turns out, this classic Ferrari 250 GT sold recently for roughly $11 million to a British radio DJ.  That beats out any other car sold in … Read more1961 Ferrari 250 GT: World’s Most Expensive Car