Marc Jacobs Special “Interview Magazine” Tee

I love Marc Jacobs. As a designer, he’s the definitive fashion mind of my generation. As a dude, well, I definitely preferred post-grunge, bespectacled, ’90s-haircut Marc to “new and improved,” super-coiffed, gym-fit Marc. But, then I saw this t-shirt. “Andy Warhol” Marc?! Brilliant! Then I looked a little closer and realized that what I had, … Read moreMarc Jacobs Special “Interview Magazine” Tee

Great Adventure 2009: London to Timbuktu in a Skycar

skycarpilot770020 540×360 Great Adventure 2009: London to Timbuktu in a Skycar Neil Laughton has a big day ahead of himself today, January 14th.  He’s departing from the city of London on a trip to Timbuktu, Mali in what will become one of the strangest adventures of this young century.  Laughton will be driving — and … Read moreGreat Adventure 2009: London to Timbuktu in a Skycar

Calfskin Briefcase from John Lobb

jlcalfskinbriefcase.jpg When simple leather construction won’t suffice, English leathermaker John Lobb has you covered. This briefcase is made from England’s finest calfskin, in a deep chestnut color. With a slanted, front-flap double-buckle sterling silver closure, there will be no lost papers (or comic books or nudie magazines — whatever you keep in your briefcase) and you’ll be … Read moreCalfskin Briefcase from John Lobb

Periodic Elements Rings by itsnoname

Do you ever daydream about those days you spent in Chemistry class memorizing the periodic table of elements? Do you like gawdy, Super Bowl-sized rings? If you answered ‘yes’ to both of these questions, itsnoname has the product for you. These solid silver, gold and platinum rings proudly display their metals’ periodic number, weight and symbol on … Read morePeriodic Elements Rings by itsnoname