How to Break Your New Year’s Resolutions

Let’s face it– New Year’s Resolutions are made to be broken. The holidays are a time of financial, culinary, and alcoholic excess that very few can escape. The horrible hangovers, the growing waistlines, the vicious credit card bills all lead to desperate pleas for change. How do we plan to dig our way out of this year’s … Read moreHow to Break Your New Year’s Resolutions

Luxury Real Estate – Britain’s most expensive new home

Diamond billionaire Lev Leviev recent purchase is located in North London’s exclusive Hampstead area and is Britains most expensive new-build property at a price of approximately $70 million dollars. The 17,000 sq ft home boasts a nightclub, cinema, hair salon, sauna, spa bath and swimming pool that converts into a ball room. A $100,000 bullet proof door … Read moreLuxury Real Estate – Britain’s most expensive new home

Equalizer High Frequency Watch by Tokyo Flash

Tokyo Flash is a Japanese company that makes Blade-Runneresque watches like The Equalizer High Frequency. This stainless steel timepiece is easy to ready and definitely makes an impression. The band is only 29-millimeters wide, joined to the 50 millimeter rectangular case. It’s water-resistant to 99 feet, but when you’re that far underwater, do you really care … Read moreEqualizer High Frequency Watch by Tokyo Flash

Fredrik Mattson’s 24-Karat Gold Chair

  The headline does not lie; this chair is completely covered in 24-karat gold. Designer Fredrick Mattson is said to have craved a more environmentally-friendly design in chairs, and this notion seems to make sense. If you have a chair covered in gold, who cares what the wood beneath looks like! You can use any old blemished piece … Read moreFredrik Mattson’s 24-Karat Gold Chair

RAZR/KRZR Mobile Phone Telescope


The interestingly-named Brando Workshop offers this telescope made specifically for the Motorola RAZR V3 and KRZR K1. You just fix it to the cell phone where the camera lens is located and you can zoom in, and even take pictures. The Brando Workshop marketing hype on this is VERY careful not to call this a “zoom lens” but if this functions the way the PR copy says it does, a zoom lens is basically what you’ve got. The price is just as crazy as the idea; $19 is too good NOT to give it a try, but only if you own the right phone. The day they make one of these for the iTouch is the day it really blows up in the marketplace.

<<Via Brando Workshop>>