Mobile Edge Secure Laptop Bag

File this one under “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” The Mobile Edge secure laptop bag can only be opened when it is off your shoulders. Afraid of grabbing hands getting to your gear when it is strapped to your back? Worry no more. This bag is perfect for any size up to 17 inch laptops, with a spacious interior for your external drives, music collection, PDA, and other gear. It also has an exterior pocket for your iPod. Mobi

Villain Chair by Suck UK

Sometimes you just need to feel like the bad guy, and Suck UK’s Villain Chair is precisely what’s needed to give your home office, computer room, or lounge the right touch of high class evil. Made of leather, chrome, steel, and aluminium, the Villain Chair heakens back to the glory days of 007′s nemesis organization SPECTRE, where the head bad guy Ernst Blofeld (usually played by Charles Gray) would pet his malevolent furball kitty and send henchmen to their doom. Now it’s YOU in the badass chair, thanks to the mad geniuses at Suck UK.

Buy for $7200 (approx.)

ELP Laser Turntable

Are you an audiophile with a nice collection of vinyl records? Are you buying new releases on vinyl? Who even puts records OUT on vinyl now?

Radiohead, for a start–including the new one, In Rainbows. And there are plenty of other acts out there still dedicated to the old medium. Vinyl, unlike CDs, is NOT dead. What you see here is the most advanced vinyl playback method in the entire universe. The ELP Laser Turntable functions much like a CD player, except this baby reads your records.

It plays 7-inch singles, 33-RPM singles, full-length albums, you name it. No needle ever touches your grooves. ELP claims you can get accurate playback from a broken or smashed record with no glue required! Just put all the pieces in the tray and let the lasers to the rest. Amazing. And so is that price…

Buy starting at $9,900.

The Aptera Typ-1

What do you see above: 1) a stock model of a racecar from the up-coming Speed Racer movie, 2) a Big Three concept car that will never see the light of day, or 3) a boutique production car that carries a price tag in the high six figures? If you answered “none of the above”, you’re correct. The stylish, smart vehicle above is not only months away from production, but will fit into your personal garage for under $30,000. The story doesn’t end there– this green vehicle averages 300 MPG on 100+ mile trips and can achieve upwards of 1,000 MPG on local errands. Sound too good to be true? Continue reading for more information on the revolutionary Aptera Typ-1.

Aptera Typ-1 Interior

The Aptera Typ-1 is the brainchild of Aptera’s founder, Steve Fambro. Six years ago, Fambro set out to develop an ultra-economic, stylish vehicle that would later become the Typ-1, a three-wheeled two passenger vehicle. Today, the Aptera Typ-1 is months away from market, poised to deliver some stunning performance and economy figures. What are these details that this vehicle promises so boldly?

  • A price tag under $30,000. The Aptera Typ-1e electric model will cost $26,900. The Typ-1h plug-in hybrid model will run $29,900.
  • 300 MPG fuel economy. The Aptera Typ-1h, the plug-in hybrid model, allows for an extended travel range by integrating the gasoline hybrid component to the standard electric motor. After around 50 miles of travel, the Typ-1h will begin to cycle in the gasoline combustion engine to power the electric motor. While travel under 50 miles will likely not require the gas engine duty cycle, the Aptera Typ-1h can exceed 1,000 miles per gallon.
  • $1 – $2 per overnight charge. Should you choose the Typ-1e model (or need to charge the Typ-1h), the standard electricity costs of an overnight charge will cost between one and two dollars. This is based on southern California consumer electricity rates in the present day. A full charge will require 2-4 hours.
  • 0-60 mph in under 10 seconds. The Aptera Typ-1 will easily take a Prius from the line. The Aptera is clocked to reach 60 mph from a standing start in under 10 seconds, with a top speed of around 85 mph.
  • A Long List of Standard Features. The Typ-1 isn’t short on standard-level, luxury class features. Both models include a CD/MP3/DVD/XM media center, a GPS system, rear view cameras with three dash-mounted LCDs, and an air-conditioning system that continues Aptera’s green-conscious approach. Specifically, the Typ-1′s solar-assisted climate control which is powered by solar cells mounted on the roof. Add an RFID-based keyless entry and ignition, you’ve got a luxury class vehicle beyond its eco-conscious core.

The are a handful of drawbacks to the Aptera Typ-1. First, the Typ-1 is presently only DOT approved in the state of California, where Aptera is classified as a motorcycle manufacturer and can legally register VINs. Since the Aptera is a three-wheeled vehicle, it is classified as a motorcycle regardless of its two-passenger enclosed cabin. Eventually, Aptera will extend its offering to the rest of the 50 United States and later Europe. For now, Aptera has decided to focus on its southern California customers as they do not yet have a service infrastructure to handle nationwide demand.

aptera exterior in action

If you’re lucky enough to live in southern California, you can reserve your very own Typ-1 online at for $500. The first Typ-1 is scheduled to roll off the assembly line in late 2008 on a first-reserve, first-serve basis. If you’re in that neighborhood, it’d be hard not to plop down $500 for a promise to own your very own Aptera Typ-1. If you’re not nearby, you may just want to establish residency…

You can learn plenty more about the Aptera Typ-1 on the Aptera website. Stay tuned to GearCrave as well, we’ll be sure to keep you up-to-date on the Aptera Typ-1, including photos, videos, interviews and more as they come available. Want to stay up-to-date? Subscribe to the GearCrave RSS feed for news on the Aptera Typ-1 and more from the ultimate buyers guide for men on the web. For now, go ahead and reserve yourself an Aptera Typ-1…

Reserve for $500.

Scotch: A Beginner’s Guide to Whisky as Art, Part 1

glenfiddich 12

In an age where most liquor is industrialized, marketed with electronic music and mixed with Red Bull, there remains an art form that most men may be missing. To many, the word “scotch” only recalls images of Grandpa, Hemingway, and perhaps Ron Burgundy. There are others, however, that have developed quite the love affair with these aged malts and blends. Read along, fellow GearCravers, and learn how to properly savor one of life’s greater pleasures; a good single-malt scotch.

You’ll learn that “whisky” refers to scotch made in Scotland, while “whiskey” refers to stuff like Kentucky bourbon. You’ll also learn how each of the brands we mention mellows as it ages. For example, a 12 year Glenlivet won’t taste as smooth as an 18-year old, but some older scotches are actually less enjoyable than their younger counterparts. Without further adieu, let’s begin!

Glenfiddich (pronounced more or less “glen-fidd-ick”) is an excellent starter whisky. This Speyside malt is a bit salty, astringent and slightly harsh compared to other varieties, but makes for an excellent place to start. You’ll appreciate the other scotch in this list much better by starting with Glenfiddich. This scoth comes from one of the most popular whisky-making regions in Scotland. There are 46 distilleries in the Speyside area alone! This is a malt that holds up well on the rocks, or even with a bit of water to even the flavor out.

Continue reading GearCrave’s beginners guide to scotch after the jump!


Some whisky lovers consider Glenlivet a big step up from Glenfiddich. This is another Speyside malt which offers a peaty flavor with a hint of smoke and shoe leather. That may sound wrong, but it makes sense once you’ve tasted it. Glenlivet is smoother than Glenfiddich and is fine neat, on the rocks, or with a bit of water.


Laphroaig (pronounced “la-froy-g”) is a medium bodied malt rich, smoky, and a bit seaweedy. Some detect a bit of brine and iodine. This malt comes from Islay, one of the Scottish western islands, where malts are all strong-flavored. This is the point where some say you should stop watering down your scotch and start drinking it straight for maximum enjoyment. There are plenty of scotch lovers who believe just the right amount of water can open up new levels of enjoyment, so it’s really down to preference.



Macallan is a very fine Speyside malt. It compares to Glenlivet as favorably as Glenlivet compares to Glenfiddich. It’s smooth and has no burn at all. Slightly sweet due to being aged in sherry casks, this malt is known as the “Rolls Royce of single malts.” You cannot go wrong with an 18 year-old Macallan if you want something smoother than Glenlivet and not as peaty.


Campeltown is the home of the mighty Springbank distillery. This malt is a more acquired taste and is not cheap; but it’s well worth the price. Those who love Springbank appreciate it’s Islay-like qualities but without the brine, salt, etc. Some taste this one and run away screaming, while others love its unique flavor. This whisky is distilled three times (the usual run is twice) and this is not chill-filtered before bottling. Our advice? Try this as a shot in a bar before investing in a bottle. If you are inclined to love it, you’ll know right away. If you’re on the other side of the fence, you’re only out the price of a shot. Don’t worry if you hate this–it means more for us, you sick bastard.

Five scotches all well worth the time; you will have plenty to contend with in our selections. Best advice–try all of these at a good bar and get a shot-by-shot review. Best to compare either two scotches in a single sitting only, or try to spread out your experimentation over a series of weeks. Once you’ve had access to all of our selections you’ll discover where your taste fits and can make a very informed purchase. Be sure to drop us a line after discovering the brands that work best for you!

Stick around, GearCravers, part 2 is on its way. On the next edition, we’ll cover how to drink the whisky of your choice, from dillution, glassware, where to buy your favorite whiskys and more.