BlackBerry Playbook Coming April 19th Posted by danseitz Pretty much everybody is getting into the tablet game these days in the wake of the iPad actually making it a viable market. Samsung has the Galaxy Tab, Motorola is putting out the Xoom, and we’re sure there are a bunch of cheesy Chinese knockoffs coming as well. … Read moreComputers

Transformer Cufflinks, Just in Time for the Show

  On your way to see the most transcendant movie of modern times? Arrive in style with a pair of Transformer cufflinks. Each set includes one Autobot logo and one Decepticon emblem, and they’re both crafted with silver plating, measuring 0.78 inches by 0.59 inches. A black, PVC-covered cufflink box is also included. Not a bad … Read moreTransformer Cufflinks, Just in Time for the Show

The Football Carpet: Don’t Call it Soccer

At 31 inches by 62 inches, the Football carpet isn’t fit for staging any actual matches, but think of all the happy feelings you’ll get when walking through the door, if you’re a Soccer fan, that is. Designer Karin Mannerstål has created an approximation of a footie field with 100 percent, hand-tufted wool. Admittedly, we’re … Read moreThe Football Carpet: Don’t Call it Soccer